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One of the first BSc. Computer Systems graduates in Ireland Anne spent 30 years delivering innovation in business. She worked on ambitious projects including the first paperless office in the UK, pioneering outsourcing projects and the delivery of an innovative global mobile platform for advertising.

A ‘can-do’ all rounder Anne has evolved practical solutions in the face of technological limitations, closed out impossible projects, led virtual teams in high pressured environments.

Anne has worked in small companies delivering solutions into blue chip environments and in the engine room of big corporates. She understands the challenges of the startup, the frustrations of bureaucracy, the human desire to create change and the human tendency to fail spectacularly.

With over 30+ years global experience delivering technology she says the real magic is in the invisible, when leadership and synergy come together making the most of disparate personalities, talents and skills.

Evolving from her traditional Information Technology career Anne trained in the Secrets of Natural Success and became an Imagination Technologist.

A founding member of the Natural Success Coaching Association and more recently On A Mission a collaborative fostering possibility and the creation of a more beautiful world. In 2019 On A Mission launched Beyond Coaching a leadership programme for coaches and in September 2020 they launch their first Consciousness Gathering in Costa Rica.

Anne has a natural ability to visualise the future. Her experience at the leading edge of technology and her training in the creative orientation has served her to recognise the gifts of being in the unknown – where innovation resides.

Anne speaks, teaches, coaches and consults. She offers masterminding and leadership consultancy to a new breed of business choosing collaboration over competition, service in preference to growth, contribution rather than profit, nurturing talent, working with nature and aspiring a new consciousness on the planet.

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  • Shortly after I worked with her and started practicing a new way of being that was required to embody my vision, I got the results I had been expecting.

    A.M.B - California, USA

  • The magic ingredient is Anne’s ability to see possibility and have a yes, let’s move towards it attitude. She exudes a sense of clarity, confidence and direction.

    David Walker - Sydney, Australia

  • Anne expertly and intuitively guided me through a process which resulted in me gaining an amazing insight into exactly what was troubling me and how to move forward.

    Arthur Magoulianiti - Cyprus

  • I used Anne as a coach to facilitate my thinking and to progress an issue that had been causing me considerable upset and challenge. After a session in her capable hands I was clear about the way forward and how I needed to be to achieve a good result.

    Nial O'Reilly - Galway, Ireland

  • The coaching session has given me clarity on my message and has therefore sharpened and simplified my focus. I now have a simple, powerful and succinct catch phrase, which I engage when I am writing my marketing and website information or indeed with any communication.

    Wendy Price - Manchester, UK

  • Anne was responsible for an amazing moment of clarity in which I realised my concept was not an expensive-to-develop physical product, but a relatively inexpensive and bootstrappable service. Anne did not suggest the idea, though, she drew it out of me, and takes no credit.

    Stuart Arnott - London, UK