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Please use the calendar to book a CREATIVE CONSULTATION.

Sessions are uniquely tailored to address the specific challenge that is presented in the session and are designed to support you to be the creative force in your own life.  What you learn in the sessions will serve you to cultivate your own inner wisdom and develop the self-mastery to create what matters to you.  The sessions are not predictive or prescriptive and the agency of the client to take action or not is fully respected.

You will be asked to answer some questions about the issue that you are having and you will be also be guided into a brief meditative state to anchor the insights that are revealed and to support you in the steps to be taken to point you in the direction of creating what really matters to you.

London – (GMT)


Sessions generally last between 60 minutes and 90 minutes and are designed to address challenges or issues that are personal to you.By agreeing to book a creative consultation you understand that Crossing Frontiers will create an audio recording of the session for archival purposes. The client will be provided with a free audio file of their session within 72 hours of the session.

It is policy that recordings and copies of recordings of private sessions made remain private. While it is understood that the client may share the contents of the recording with family and friends, content is not allowed to be placed, distributed, posted or shared with any member of the public or in any public place or forum of any kind at any time, unless express permission has been requested and received from Crossing Frontiers to do so.  Crossing Frontiers guarantees that it shall not use or share client recordings with individual members of the public or in any way shape or form in a public forum.  Crossing Frontiers commits in good faith to protect the client’s right of privacy.

Sessions cost £250 payable at the time of booking.  Please check your mail box for an invoice and payment details. Full refund will be given for cancellations by email to received at least 72 hours prior to the session. Refunds do not apply within 72 hours of the session start time, if the client is unable to attend the session or after the session has been completed.  Rescheduling sessions within 72 hours of the session start time is at the discretion of Crossing Frontiers.

By scheduling and attending a private session, the client expressly and automatically agrees to fully abide by the terms of this policy.