Evolve 2022

A gathering for pleasure and purpose

12th - 17th June 2022

Change Is Inevitable, Evolution Is A Choice
The Invitation The Price

The Invitation

The Invitation

You are invited to a glorious week of celebration and creativity on the stunning island of Corfu to dive into what matters to you with others diving into what matters to them.

There are rich layers of gifts, talents, resources and ideas within us. Much of this is lost or dismissed as we fulfil the busy demands of modern life. Our focus narrows and we forget how to expand again.

The gift of Evolve is time to relax your focus and ease into expansion of imagination and possibility. The rugged beauty of Corfu will remind you of what is inherent within you and the structure of Evolve will guide you to bring your deepest desires into the light and anchor in reality.

  • Imagination is the paintbrush of the soul, the font of innovation and the sandbox of creativity

    Anne K Scott - Imagination Technologist

  • Pleasure is our birthright

    Alison Pilling - Sex School For Grown Ups

  • The adventure you seek in life is yourself!

    Taylor Roark - Galliant Life

The Community

Arillas and surrounds have been the centre of holistic holidays for many decades. The alternative values of those who come to visit and settle have kept the area rustic and unspoilt. Low rise development, golden sands and crystal-clear waters are the norm.

The area is home to the Gayatri Mandir and the Corfu Buddha Hall both hosted by the Osho community.

The Beaches

On the doorstep of the beach at Arillas and a short drive from the resorts of Agios Stefanos and Agios Georgios.

The gentle sea breezes tease the Tibetan prayer flags of the Gayatri Mandir open-air temple. Discreetly secluded at the end of the long beach you will find naturists are welcome. The local green mud from the cliffs is popular for a full body mud pack.

The Facilities

The local beaches are west facing so breathtakingly gorgeous at sunset and there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy the setting sun.

There are ATMs for cash withdrawal and mini-markets where you can stock up on sun cream, hats, snacks, beverages, local souvenirs and generally anything that you may need for your holiday.

You Will Take Away

• Connection & Community

• A new & expanded sense of well being

• Creative focus & direction

• Experience & tools to serve you manifest your highest potential

• A fun, relaxing and restorative holiday

However well intentioned we get distracted by the mechanisations of everyday life. Our gifts, ambitions, and deepest desires tucked safely out of sight and mind so as not to disturb the apple-cart of what appears to be real and important.

Evolve 2022 is the combination of the space in our beautiful outdoor venue, the mythical island, our hosts and us, your facilitators. We hold a container for spirit to work and be revealed.

Evolve 2022 is space to harvest and appreciate what has gone before, time to assimilate and absorb the richness of your desires and talents and the energy and support of the collective to birth new creation from your spirit.

We will support you to embody and anchor your desires in new practices and ways of being. This conviction and embodied action will restore the richness of your life to you and to the world.

You will return refreshed, energised and equipped to create despite the distractions of everyday life.


Anne K Scott

Imagination Technologist


Taylor Roark

Warrior Adventurer


Alison Pilling

Pleasure Nomad

Join Us To Celebrate, Create & Evolve

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The Programme

The early morning is time for your own meditation or morning walk with the sunrise, a dip in the ocean or a luxurious lie-in before you make your way from your accommodation to our open air venue overlooking the sea.

At 8am we offer our Awakening sessions including yoga, Qi Gong, guided or silent meditation. Whether you are new to awareness practises or an old hand our sessions are designed to ease you into flow for the day.

Breakfast is included and provided on site. There will be an area for silent eating if you so choose.

After breakfast we will gather for Evolve workshop sessions designed to guide you at your own pace through an arc of discovery, of letting go and re-alignment. Naturally and with ease you will inhabit the essence and energy of what really matters to you. We will plug you into your imagination so you can breathe life into your dreams and creations.

The afternoons are yours; you have the beach and restaurants within walking distance. You can explore the olive groves above our venue, laze in a hammock or find an undisturbed space to dream, journal, write or sketch, rest. You also have the option to book a massage or holistic health session on site.

In the evenings we offer Kundalini Meditation as the sun goes down. There will be concerts and hosted dinners to meet new friends and to share and reflect on learnings. You can choose to continue the evening enjoying each other’s company or you may choose time on your own.

The myth and magic of Corfu are the backdrop for a wonderful combination of fun, exploration and revelation. As your hosts we will hold the crucible of creativity and evolution.

You will embody what is coming to life in your imagination in ways that are true for you; campfires, sound baths, skinny-dipping under the stars, natural mud baths, contemplating the sunset from the beach. There are many ways to bring what you love home to thrive in you and birth into reality.

  • “And invisibly the air (cool as the breath from the heart of a melon) pours over the window sills and mingles with the scent of the exhausted lamps.”

    Lawrence Durrell, Prospero’s Cell

  • “Anything like the splendour of olive-groves and orange-gardens, the blue of the sky, the violet of the mountain, rising from peacock-wing-hued sea and tipped with lines of silver snow, can hardly be imagined [...]”.

    Edward Lear, Landscape Painter, Nonsense Poet

The Schedule

Sunday 12th June


9am Breakfast
Registration 10am - 12noon; 5-7pm

7pm Evening Meditation

8.30pm Hosted Welcome Dinners

Please plan to arrive in Arillas on or before Sunday 12th June

Monday 13th June


8am Awake Sessions

9am Breakfast

10.00am Evolve Sessions

1pm Your Time

7pm Evening Meditation

8.30pm Concert

Tuesday 14th June

Letting Go

8am Awake Sessions

9am Breakfast

10.00am Evolve Sessions

1pm Your Time

7pm Evening Meditation

8.30pm To Be Confirmed

Wednesday 15th June


8am Awakening Sessions

9am Breakfast

10.00am Evolve Sessions

1pm Your Time

7pm Evening Meditation

8.30pm Hosted Dinners

Thursday 16th June


8am Awake Sessions

9am Breakfast

10.00am Evolve Sessions

1pm Your Time

7pm Evening Meditation

8.30pm Dee Jay Evening

Friday 17th June


8am Awake Sessions

9am Breakfast

10.00am Evolve Sessions

1pm Your Time

7pm Evening Meditation

8.30pm Celebration Concert

Join Us

Call Anne +44 7793836000
Email Anne: anne@crossingfrontiers.co.uk

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Our Venue

Our venue for our sessions is an outdoor temple, originally created to host Deva Primal & Miten, renowned mantra singers, now becoming a centre for reconciliation and evolution.

There is ample room for our group sessions and space to be apart in conversation or private contemplation. The space holds us in its in breathe and gentle nurtures our expansion with its out breathe. Nestled in the shade of immortal olive trees, the beach is 5 minutes walk away, and there is the low key hustle and bustle beach cafes and bars

Our Hosts

The staff and volunteers at our venue choose to be of service to the spirit of the events and those who participate. They offer welcoming and non judgemental hospitality.


£450 Full Festival Ticket

£395 Early Bird First 25 Tickets

What Is Included

6 morning awareness sessions

6 breakfasts

6 facilitated Evolve workshops sessions

3 Evening Concerts

Access to and use of the venue grounds

Access to coaching and other services

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What Is Excluded


Travel Insurance and flights

Airport Shuttle

Local Transport

Meals, snacks and beverages other than breakfast

Massage or other bookable treatments

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The Island

Corfu, (in Greek “Kerkyra”), is a mermaid-shaped Island rising out of the Ionian Sea, her tail kicking out towards the coast of Albania, her flowing hair cascading to the east and her human face looking towards Italy.

An Emerald isle of lush green vegetation in a shimmering sea of turquoise, sapphire and jade that turns to liquid gold in the setting of the sun.

The Myth

Corcyra was the daughter of the river-god Asopos, a nymph who was kidnapped by Poseidon. He brought her to this island and she inspired it's name.

In Corfu Hercules met and made love to Naiad before setting off on his ten labours. Jason and The Argonauts hid here after they stole the Golden Fleece.

Alycone and Ceyx were turned into kingfishers here. They were gifted Halcyon Days - a calming of stormy seas, so they could raise their young.

The Magic

A playground for gods and goddesses, a battleground of barbarians and fools, Corfu is an island coloured by a history of invasions and struggle for sovereignty.

Beneath the surface it remains wild and free, an inspiration to poets, writers and painters over the centuries.

The barefoot simplicity of this mythical land shines through and you will find here a blank canvas for your spirit.