An annual gathering for pleasure, purpose & possibility


To germinate & create…new possibilities, connections & opportunities to express & realise what really matters to you at the gathering & beyond.

To relax & restore…under the shade of olive trees rooted & nourished by the green clay unique to this area, immersed in the azure blue Ionian sea, savouring sun soaked lunches under thatched beach umbrellas, breathing in beautiful evenings facing the mythical dragon rock & the setting sun.

To stretch & explore…through morning yoga, Qi Gong, silent or guided meditation gently awakening body, mind & spirit and daily workshops designed to stimulate, enhance & amplify your thinking, your ideas & your imagination.

To connect & converse…with yourself, your deep desires, longings and potential, with nature and the elements, with new friends & old.

To celebrate & receive…with gratitude & appreciation the magic of Evolve, the spirit of kinship, connection, opportunity & possibility.


& Ritual

& Ritual

Ceremony & ritual support us to open, hold & close our space together. Ceremony & ritual provide structures that serve us individually & collectively to create end results that are pleasurable, purposeful and open us to the magnificence & possibility of life.

Photo Credit: Jared Rice on unsplash.com


Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation & other morning practices help us start the day in the moment, present to the quality of our consciousness & this place that we are in & the people with us. Sessions accommodate all levels from beginner to experienced yogi.

& Transformation

Evolve is a journey by way of work designed to till the soil of your imagination & nurture the creative aspects of your consciousness. We travel together conjuring seeds of creation from the mystery, germinating, nourishing, encouraging them to grow and flourish.

Photo Credit: Taylor Roark


An assimilation hour before dinner or evening entertainment quietens & softens the mind allowing the seeds of possibility from your day to land & take root. Time to reconnect with yourself apart from the busyness of the beach & the clamour of the crowd.

Gayatri Evening Session

Conversations & Celebrations

Pleasure is our birthright, celebration is our nature – let’s delight in feasting together, enjoying the wit & repartee of conversation, sharing & witnessing our gifts & talents, lifting our voices & unwinding on the dance floor. Evenings are a time for letting go & letting live.

Photo Credit - Fleur Treurniet - Unsplash

Artisan & Holistic Offerings

Wellness & connection to nature & it’s goodness is inherent in our gathering, the venue & the community in Arillas. Our Notice Board for ticket holders introduces you to locals who supply a variety of offerings including, face & body products, readings & holistic services. 


All Tickets Include

  • Venue access 7.30am – 23:00pm
  • Opening & Closing ceremonies
  • Yoga, meditation, breath work & other body work sessions
  • Evolve The Journey Workshop
  • Evening hosted conversations, concerts, music, singing etc.

Plan Your Trip

You will find everything you need to plan your trip, including flights, accommodation, local travel, amenities, budgeting and more below under Planning.

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Does Not Include

Flights, Accommodation, Airport shuttle, Local transport, Travel insurance, Lunch & Dinner.


The Evolve journey starts with Registration from 12 noon. An evening Meditation will be followed by an Opening Ceremony & Welcome Meal.

Each day will start with an Awareness Practice from 7.30-8.30am, followed by complimentary breakfast before our daily Consciousness & Transformation Workshop sessions from 10am-1.30pm. Unlimited filtered water is available free on site.

Afternoons are yours to do with as you wish. In accordance with Greek regulations, we are not allowed to hold workshops or official events in the heat of the afternoon but you are welcome to hang out on site resting or conversing under the olive trees in hammocks and outdoor bedding or you can fill the time with things like: lunch; siesta; sunbathing; swimming; writing postcards; meeting friends (old & new); coffee/tea and cake, etc…

Our typical daily schedule resumes at 6pm with an Assimilation Practice designed to serve you to process your day. Our evening schedule includes a Welcome Meal on the first night, a night of hosted dinner conversations, music, movement & other entertainment. 


This is a gathering of minds, a gathering of potential, each of us with unique gifts, skills, talents and a curiosity about pleasure, purpose and possibility. What can we create together in this crucible?

As a ticket holder you may propose a contribution to the Program e.g. Awareness Practice, Workshop, Assimilation Practice, Entertainment offering or attend as Resident Writer, Artist or Videographer/Photographer. Your Ticket purchase confirmation will advise next steps to make your proposal to the Evolve Team.



Anne K. Scott

Imagination is the paintbrush of the soul

Anne’s work marries the possibility of imagination with her experience of creative technology & structure to deliver end results that matter. Anne, dedicated to beautiful crazy possibilities, lives a peripatetic life with collaborators & kin around the world. Natural Success Coach of the Year 2022 & Founder of Evolve.



Taylor Roark

The adventure you seek in life is yourself!

Taylor is committed to transformational change by facilitating purpose & conscious contribution in the world. Former blacksmith, corporate lawyer & renewable energy consultant, he chooses to live life as a mythical adventure. He is a Natural Success coach & Producer on the Evolve Team.


Chloe Bourjalliat

Awarding winning life coaching for women

Growing up between France, Paraguay & the Caribbean, Chloé is a global citizen & adventuring beach babe at heart. United Nations interpreter, Founder of Cool Girls Club, Natural Success coach & Evolve Communications Liaison, she’s committed to supporting others make their dreams come true.


Line Up


Igor Ezendam

Dutch born singer & multi instrumentalist Igor Ezendam is an acknowledged performer & teacher of vocal harmonics, inspired by soul music, shamanic chanting, Blues, Tibetan undertones & Sufi mantras, as well as music from Australian aboriginal, African & Indian traditions. Igor also offers Vocal Liberation & Overtone Singing seminars, individual Voice Coaching & SoundMassage sessions.



Arianna Artioli

Arianna is a Yoga teacher & a holistic wellness advocate, born in Italy, adopted by Switzerland & since 2017 living between France and Corfu. Passionate holistic researcher, she’s been learning from many ancient and modern traditions. Her latest studies explore trauma, nervous system regulation & ecosystem restoration. Her book 13 STEPS OF WELLBEING is available as e-book and paperback on Amazon.




Athanasia is Greek living in Corfu with her family. Caretaker of nature, champion of resilient Ecosystems & Communities. A herbalist & beekeeper making Back to the Roots herbal organic remedies from native plants & practices ethical Wildcrafting. She offers QiGong, Bioenergetic Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T.), energy healing & a synergy of Tibetan KuNye massage, Hippocratic & TCM principles.



Everything you need to plan your trip to Arillas, Corfu and the Evolve Gathering.








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