Igor Ezendam

Dutch born singer & multi instrumentalist Igor Ezendam is an acknowledged performer & teacher of vocal harmonics, inspired by soul music, shamanic chanting, Blues, Tibetan undertones & Sufi mantras, as well as music from Australian aboriginal, African & Indian traditions. Igor also offers Vocal Liberation & Overtone Singing seminars, individual Voice Coaching & SoundMassage sessions.

Arianna Artioli

Arianna is a Yoga teacher & a holistic wellness advocate, born in Italy, adopted by Switzerland & since 2017 living between France and Corfu. Passionate holistic researcher, she’s been learning from many ancient and modern traditions. Her latest studies explore trauma, nervous system regulation & ecosystem restoration. Her book 13 STEPS OF WELLBEING is available as e-book and paperback on Amazon. 


Athanasia is Greek living in Corfu with her family. Caretaker of nature, champion of resilient Ecosystems & Communities. A herbalist & beekeeper making Back to the Roots herbal organic remedies from native plants & practices ethical Wildcrafting. She offers QiGong, Bioenergetic Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T.), energy healing & a synergy of Tibetan KuNye massage, Hippocratic & TCM principles.


Originally from California Sumeru spent his career as aerospace engineer, in Colorado. Following his spirit he moved from exploring outer space to discovering inner space and on retirement, he moved to Corfu with his wife to join the spiritual community here. Sumeru has been a champion of Evolve 2022 since it’s inception proving to be an invaluable sounding board. Sumeru is a great fan of active meditations.

Sacha Heath

Sacha is a yoga & meditation teacher, mantra singer & co-founder of Mandala Yoga B&B Corfu. Her love of yoga, meditation & mantras started at the young age of 11. She believes the joys of yoga should be accessible to all & is honoured to have taught in-person & online to thousands. She lives between Corfu island in & the UK with husband Ben, their two young children & two pampered dogs. 

Lisa Kretschmann

Founder at Re-Focus, Lisa works with leaders to manage change. She is a consultant, coach & trainer with experience in international association management, EU affairs, & personal development. She is passionate about Yoga and the way it supports personal growth. As a certified yoga teacher she uses movement and breath to connect body and mind, and to stay grounded in an uncertain world.

Birgit Prochnow

Birgit is an Artist & Yoga teacher. Born in Heide in Germany, she studied Fine Art in Ireland & Ireland was her second home before she discovered Corfu. Her art can be found in private & public collections in Germany, Ireland, Denmark & the USA. Birgit has practiced a variety of Yoga since 1996 & qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2011. She is a massage therapist & sound massage practitioner.

Leena Horner

Leena, an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, also trained as an Integrative Medicine Physician. Her experience as a Doctor combined with her unquenchable desire for learning & knowledge has led her to the mystery of the unknowable universe. She has recently moved from the USA to Corfu with her husband to immerse herself in the esoteric aspects of creating. She joins us as a Space Holder for love, magic & more.

Alison Pilling

Alison Pilling is a writer & sex educator. She works with people to explore the important area of sexuality which is, at heart, the search for connection to self, other & spirit. She started her tantra journey at 49 and has spent the last 8 years working with pioneering teachers & exploring the world of conscious sexuality. Ali is interested in how we can have every day intimacy, connection & pleasure that we define and want & feel.

Nadine Blochberger

Nadine is a Creative Business Design Advisor, Artist, Mentor & Muse orienting from the heart & inner guidance. Dedicated to authentic & sustainable ways of living building synergy & coherence. She serves leaders & entrepreneurs to innovate new business paradigms that serve purpose, human connection, creativity & conscious leadership. Her vision a world of true beauty so that Life itself is experienced as Art.


Srajano is a true epicurean of the present moment. He lives as a minimalist but is a treasure trove of stories of people, places & experiences that most of us hardly dream of. He lived in Osho communes in India & USA recently moving to Corfu as friend of the Mandir after a long solo stint in Sri Lanka. He lives by the motto that ‘love is ALWAYS the answer’ & is a bridge joining the old Mandir to the new. He is a hugger extraordinaire & passionate craftsman of local olive wood.

Aingeala DeBúrca

Aingeala De Búrca, lives in Dublin & Stockholm. She has played violin with professional orchestras, baroque ensembles, rock bands & theatre companies while pursuing professional and personal development as an improviser, music therapist, & Alexander technique teacher. Aingeala teaches workshops throughout Europe on finding ongoing freedom in performance & life by learning to redirect the mental processes that determine physical movements.

Elena Kipriotis

Elena grew up on Corfu & studied photography & digital graphic design in Athens, where she lived & worked as a photographer for 13 years. Elena is a much sought after photographer, she has a deep appreciation of the natural beauty of the island, the deeper layers of myth & the unseen magic when people & place come together. Her passion, to capture the spirit as well as the image of things.

Alex & Kaushalya

Alex & Kaushayla met in 1999. They studied Music Therapy with EMTA (Estonian Academy of Music & Theatre), are multi-talented musicians, using voice, Singing Bowls (Tibetan & Crystal) & Monochords. They play & make Ocean & Frame Drums. They studied the gong with Don Conreaux – A Yogi Bhajan disciple & have developed ”GongSPA” for relaxation, meditation & healing.

Marta Rowicka

Marta is a healer & life coach. Born in Poland, she currently lives in London. Over the past 20 years she has dedicated herself to deepening her understanding of human nature & creation. As an Intuitive Coach & healer she navigates others on their journey to fulfilment. She has a passion for old fashioned cameras, is a keen amateur photographer & writer & joins us as Evolve 2022 Correspondent.

Kim Sibbitt

Kim was born with crayons in her pocket; she is an intuitive, an artist & a student of Natural Success dedicated to enhancing her creative capacity. Creator of The Circle That Heals, the symbol for a new consciousness that emerged when she used art to heal her own heart; she now shares this message globally. In April 2022 she sold the boat she called home to start a new adventure. She is Resident Artist for Evolve 2022.

Could This Be You?

Could This Be You?


Ahmad Jooma

Art, for Ahmad, is a beautiful way to express intangible feelings & understandings of life. His work is about sparking imagination & playfulness; especially around the topics of mental health & mindset. Ahmad is maker of Shook Man – a character with an empowering message for life, the artist who created the Evolve Logo & artwork, advocate for men’s work &, for good measure, runs a Care Home.


Mark is fascinated by the merging of consciousness, creativity & technology. He’s inspired to bring ideas to life across different media, from meditations to virtual reality & immersive experiences that showcase the potential of emerging technologies. Since stumbling spirituality in 2012, Mark has honed his ability to create from a state of flow, & is beginning his journey to share this with wider audiences.

Thea Allison

Founder of Embodied Creating & Co-Founder of Halcyon Days intimate transformational retreats launched in Corfu in 2019. Thea is also a Natural Success Coach & Embodied Facilitator. Thea is passionate about understanding & working with body intelligence to create what matters to us individually & collectively.