Halcyon Days in Corfu

A restorative six-day retreat

Dates To Be Confirmed June & October 2021

Deep Dives Bring Rich Rewards
The Invitation The Price

The Invitation

Halcyon Days are mythical days of beautiful, calm weather amongst winter storms. Born of the story of the goddess Alcyone, who threw herself into the sea in despair at the death of her beloved husband Ceyx. Recognising her devotion the gods re-united the pair as sea kingfishers. Alcyone’s father, the God of the winds, calmed the stormy, mid-winter seas for two weeks every year to allow his daughter to raise her young.

Spring and summer drive us to growth, output and action, sow the seeds, enjoy the sun, grasp every moment and make it count. Autumn comes, a shift towards longer nights and the tilt towards darkness. This slower time offers a different opportunity in the reckoning and growth of self. A time to dive, to allow the softly or stormily growing dark to reveal depths hidden by summer’s bright activity.

Cooler and changing weather invite us to step into quiet spaces and a more reflective and inward way of being. The back to school energy of this time balances retreat, there is time yet for action to blossom, to complete on intentions established through the year.

Corfu, the home of our Halcyon Days Retreat, allows us to move into the autumn cycle in a last warm embrace of still-summer temperatures, the land and the sea holding the heat of months of sunshine. In this beautiful environment there remains time for wandering, curiosity, exploration and adventure.

But Halcyon Days is not just about warm sun. It is a retreat that is dedicated to the richness of life, richness that comes from a deeper place than superficial pleasure. And so this retreat comes with a particular invitation.

Come to Corfu, enjoy this wonderful island, sunshine, beaches, olive groves and ancient history. Come to Corfu and take a deep dive to gather in new insights from the quieter, darker and forgotten spaces within you. Use the time of this season to explore beneath the surface of who you think you are to discover the hidden pearls within that are calling to be brought into life to influence and guide your next steps.

Halcyon Days exists to facilitate the transition from myth to reality.

  • “In every moment there exists an infinity of wisdom and awareness. In every being there are hidden depths and deep desires to bring to life. The moments must be invited to deliver their gold. The being must be honoured and explored to reveal its layers”

    Thea Allison, Intuitive Leadership Coach

  • "Imagination is the paintbrush of the soul"

    Anne K. Scott, Imagination Technologist

You Will Take Away

However fully we work on ourselves we always hold secrets within. Skills, ambitions, abilities and desires tucked safely out of sight and mind so as not to disturb our perception of what is possible.

The space that is created by Halcyon Days, our beautiful villa, the mythical island, our gentle hosts and us, your facilitators, allows a deep exploration to restore that which has been carefully and deeply hidden. Intuition will reveal it to you.

We will support you to embody and anchor your desires in new practices and ways of being. This conviction and embodied action will restore the richness of your life to you and to the world.

You will take away:

A deeper relationship with, and confidence in, your own wisdom and inner knowing

Clarity on your next area of focus to live a fully-expressed life

A personal blueprint to progress your plans

Easy to use tools to keep you on track

A fun, relaxing and restorative holiday


Anne K. Scott

Imagination Technologist


Thea Allison

Intuitive Leadership Coach


Ben, Sacha & Rafael Heath

Villa Hosts & Yoga Teacher

The Island

Corfu, (in Greek “Kerkyra”), is a mermaid-shaped Island rising out of the Ionian Sea, her tail kicking out towards the coast of Albania, her flowing hair cascading to the east and her human face looking towards Italy.

An Emerald isle of lush green vegetation in a shimmering sea of turquoise, sapphire and jade that turns to liquid gold in the setting of the sun.

The Myth

Corcyra was the daughter of the river-god Asopos, a nymph who was kidnapped by Poseidon. He brought her to this island and she inspired it's name.

In Corfu Hercules met and made love to Naiad before setting off on his ten labours. Jason and The Argonauts hid here after they stole the Golden Fleece.

Alycone and Ceyx were turned into kingfishers here. They were gifted Halcyon Days - a calming of stormy seas, so they could raise their young.

The Magic

A playground for gods and goddesses, a battleground of barbarians and fools, Corfu is an island coloured by a history of invasions and struggle for sovereignty.

Beneath the surface it remains wild and free, an inspiration to poets, writers and painters over the centuries.

The barefoot simplicity of this mythical land shines through and you will find here a blank canvas for your spirit.

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The Programme

The early morning is yours; perhaps a meditation or morning walk with the sunrise, a dip in the ocean or a luxurious lie-in. At 8am we recommend a gentle yoga session. Whether you are new to yoga or a yoga ninja, the session is designed to ease you into flow for the day.

After breakfast we will gather for shared learning and creative exploration sessions facilitated by your leaders Thea and Anne. The sessions will guide you through an arc of discovery, of letting go and re-alignment. Naturally and with ease you will inhabit the essence and energy of what really matters to you. We will plug you into your imagination so you can breathe life into your dreams and creations.

The afternoons are spacious; there is a shuttle to the beach and local restaurants. Walk through the olive groves or stay in the dozy silence of the B&B to dream in a hammock, journal, write, paint, rest or book the luxury of a massage in your room.

As the sun goes down and before supper we will reconnect to share and reflect on our learnings. We can continue the evening enjoying each other’s company or you may choose time on your own.

You will be welcomed at our Villa with a delicious local meal. During the week we will have a sunset drink & dinner at a beautiful panoramic location on the cliffs. On other evenings we can enjoy the lively beach-front restaurants at Arillas, Agios Stefanos and Agios Georgios.

You will embody what is coming to life in your imagination in ways that are true for you; campfires, sound baths, skinny-dipping under the stars, natural mud baths, contemplating the sunset from the beach. There are many ways to bring what you love home to thrive in you and birth into reality.

The myth and magic of Corfu are the backdrop for a wonderful combination of fun, exploration and revelation.

  • “And invisibly the air (cool as the breath from the heart of a melon) pours over the window sills and mingles with the scent of the exhausted lamps.”

    Lawrence Durrell, Prospero’s Cell

  • “Anything like the splendour of olive-groves and orange-gardens, the blue of the sky, the violet of the mountain, rising from peacock-wing-hued sea and tipped with lines of silver snow, can hardly be imagined [...]”.

    Edward Lear, Landscape Painter, Nonsense Poet

The Village

Magoulades, a beauty spot on the mermaid’s cheek, is a mountain village a short distance from the golden sands and crystal-clear waters of Arillas.

A traditional Greek village unspoilt by tourism it is inhabited by families with a history in the area and it is also the home of the Corfu Buddha Hall built as a centre for Gurdjieff Sacred Dance.

The Beaches

A short drive from the intimate beach resorts of Arillas, Agios Stefanos and Agios Georgios.

In Arillas the gentle sea breezes tease the Tibetan prayer flags of the Gayatri Mandir open-air temple. Discreetly secluded at the end of the long beach you will find naturists are welcome. The local green mud from the cliffs is popular for a full body mud pack.

The Amenities

The local beaches are west facing so breathtakingly gorgeous at sunset and there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy the setting sun.

There are ATMs for cash withdrawal at the local beaches and mini-markets where you can stock up on sun cream, hats, snacks, beverages, local souvenirs and generally anything that you may need for your holiday.

A Guideline Schedule

Day One


7pm Welcome Dinner

Please plan to arrive in Corfu International Airport no later than 5pm.

B&B supplement applies

Day Two

8am Yoga

9.15am Breakfast

10.30am Group Sessions

1.30pm Your Time

6.30pm Group Reconnection

8pm Dinner

Day Three

8am Yoga

9.15am Breakfast

10.30am Group Sessions

1.30pm Your Time

6.30pm Group Reconnection

8pm Dinner

Day Four

8am Yoga

9.15am Breakfast

10.30am Group Sessions

1.30pm Your Time

6.30pm Group Reconnection

8pm Dinner

Day Five

8am Yoga

9.15am Breakfast

10.30am Group Sessions

1.30pm Your Time

6.30pm Group Reconnection

8pm Dinner

Day Six

Check out 11am

Yoga available on request
supplement applies.

Ready to book?

Call Anne +44 7793836000
Email Anne: anne@crossingfrontiers.co.uk

Call Thea +447798794805
Email Thea: theaallisonuk@yahoo.com

Time For You

You. Your body. Your grounded connection to yourself, life and the world

Morning yoga, sea swimming, walking, massage and relaxing in the sun, whatever you’d love

Scintillating learning and growth in morning group sessions, reflective diary writing and supportive guidance from your facilitators.

Relaxation and time for self; walk through the olive groves, enjoy the beach, sink into your chosen area of focus – from writing or art to relationship creation and business planning

Good food and convivial company; connect with others, enjoy delicious local cuisine and Corfu village life

The magic of possibilities that unfold in this mythical land.

  • Halcyon Days enabled me to dive into the deeper aspects of my heart and soul. Compassionately and intuitively led by Thea and Anne. The astounding beauty of the Corfu landscape assisted in the transformative process of enhancing personal awareness and expansion into the greater and long hidden aspects of my self. I recommend this retreat highly.

    Shelley R Derby, UK

  • Halcyon Days is a magical retreat - like no other I’ve attended. The warmth, love and guidance received from Thea and Anne was a joy to behold. They created a safe space to share their wisdom and learnings, and held us all tightly. Truly transformational and inspirational.

    Sally K. - London, UK

  • Anne and Thea were incredible hosts for Halcyon Days. They took me on a deep journey, helped me to uncover old insights in a new and practical way, were knowledgeable, funny, kind and supportive. I would recommend Halcyon Days to anybody looking to learn more about themselves, and create life changes in an intuitive and holistic way. I can't recommend them highly enough, if you are on the fence about whether to come then I say just do it!

    S. J. H - Hampton, UK

  • Halcyon Days is a rich experience which allows one to dive into the deep end of the adventure of this "one wild and precious life" with guidance and support. (Mary Oliver quote). Anne and Thea are a magnificence facilitators - they sit in the same circle, with all their questions and doubts, as the group seeking knowledge. The nature of the Halcyon Days retreat is one of co creation between the unique group of people who attend - no one retreat has a set formula and every retreat is a unique creation.

    Susie S. - Adelaide, Australia

  • Halcyon days, magical ways...an outstanding, transformation and restorative retreat - highly recommended!

    Siobhan H - Ireland

  • Halcyon Days was a blessing for me: the deep, powerful combination of imaginative processes, wonderful warmth and the wild nature of Corfu is a perfect recipe for a real retreat. Anne and Thea, together with hosts Sacha and Ben, have created something very magical.

    Thurstan C - Cornwall, UK

  • Learning to work with my intuition and to follow my heart (and not my head) are exciting challenges for me. The retreat gave me some powerful insights and a "taste“ of what is possible with this way of living and creating. Exciting!

    Lisa K - Belgium

Anne K. Scott

Imagination Technologist

Anne is passionate about imagination as a tool of creation. She works with individuals and organisations to ignite and teach the art of applied imagination.

Anne lives an imaginative life weaving together the threads of her passion for inner & outer travel, reimagining business and the deep connection of her tribe.

In 2018 Anne visited Corfu and imagined this retreat. She is looking forward to the magic that we will create together.


Thea Allison

Intuitive Leadership Coach

Thea believes that life is there to be fully and deeply lived. She works with leaders in many fields, and individuals at points of transition.

Thea loves to take her clients deep into the hidden aspects of who they are to create expansion, natural growth and prosperity. Leadership without leaving life behind.

Thea is inspired by her life by the sea in Cornwall in the UK, she loves sailing her yacht, dancing, writing and collaborating with her fantastic colleagues and friends.

Price £995 per person twin share accommodation

Maximum of 8 spaces available

£250 deposit required to secure your place

What Is Included

5 nights' bed & breakfast in a twin* share room

All facilitation & coaching

Welcome meal on arrival

Morning yoga classes

Scheduled shuttle to and from the beach daily

Evening shuttle transport for beach side dining

Day Adventure

*Single room options on request

What Is Excluded

Travel Insurance and flights

Airport Shuttle*

Meals, snacks and beverages other than breakfast

Massage or other bookable treatments

*We will endeavour to arrange shared shuttles. Private taxis from 60 euros

Help Me Budget


The Villa

Our venue for our sessions is a lovely restored Aegean Villa now run as simple boutique bed and breakfast offering relaxation and heartfelt hospitality.

We will have private use of this Durrell-style villa with 4 guest bedrooms, a Temple room for yoga and creative sessions and a kitchen/breakfast room for communal eating. There is an upstairs balcony and terrace for quiet contemplation time. And out in the garden hammocks and a softly ageing olive press.


Our Hosts

Sacha and Ben sold up their lives in London in 2017 and travelled to Corfu with a dream. They first rented, then bought the villa to create a wonderful boutique bed & breakfast with an ethos of heartfelt hospitality.

Sacha is a yoga teacher and kirtan singer. Classical trained by some of India's finest yogis she will be teaching us deep and inspiring Hatha Yoga. Ben runs the shuttle service and handles all the practicalities.They live with their new baby Rafael and their two dogs Gaia and Shanti in an adjacent apartment.

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