Powerful Projects

Every organisation, not just business, needs 1 core competence: Tactical execution” ~ Tony Dovale, ReThink Your Success Mindset

IMAG2836I remember a friend of mine once telling me that cranes were a sign of economic recovery.  For a moment I thought she was referring to the birds!  Whenever I see cranes now I am reminded of her but it also tells me that somewhere, something that someone imagined is becoming real. Innovation is being delivered.

In 1986 handheld computers were not an everyday sight.  In the 1991s we hardly had Personal Computers let alone a scanner to scan in our paperwork and the idea that someone in India could file paperwork that could be authorised electronically was a grandiose dream.  I worked on the leading edge of technical innovation to mainstream handheld technology, scanning and outsourcing.

I have over 30 years experience delivering TRANSFORMATION in the world of BUSINESS. My PASSION now to use my skills and talents to deliver REAL CHANGE to create a BEAUTIFUL, SUSTAINABLE world of possibilities. For consultancy, support, mentoring and hands on practical action for YOUR projects please to contact me or or see more about my experience check out my profile on LinkedIn.