The Corfu Retreat

26 June - 1 July 2019
A restorative 5-day retreat for curious individuals choosing a life rich in meaning, prosperity and joy. A retreat designed by Anne K. Scott & Thea Allison, pioneering facilitators in the art, embodiment and practical application of inner sense.

The Invitation

Enjoy 5 days of relaxing and reviving connection with all of who you are and that which is most important to you, on the stunning island of Corfu. Receive support and guidance to expand fully and deeply into your next exploration. Relish the gift of time, relaxation, learning and the rugged, natural beauty of Corfu to reach deeper insights, and a natural flow into action. “In every moment there exists an infinity of wisdom and awareness. In every being there are hidden depths and deep desires to bring to life. The moments must be invited to deliver their gold. The being must be honoured and explored to reveal its layers” ~ Thea Allison This 5-day retreat will give you • Clarity on your next area of focus towards a more fully-lived life • A deeper relationship with, and confidence in, your inner knowing • A personal blueprint to progress you with your plans • Easy to use tools to keep you on track • A deeply relaxing and restorative holiday

Your Facilitators

Anne is passionate about imagination as a tool  of creation. A gift we are all born with; when we are imagining we are alive, playful and connected to everything that matters to us. Anne works with people and organisations to reignite and master this tool to anchor dreams and make them real. In 2018 Anne visited Corfu and imagined this retreat. She is looking forward to the magic that we will create together.   </br>
Thea’s passion is to enable people to live more fully and deeply. Her gift to create and hold space for people to connect to the wellspring of their life force and allow their true essence forge a path of natural growth bringing prosperity to all aspects of life.  Thea works with corporate and private clients all over the world from her home in Cornwall where she has a yacht and her life and business thrive on the essence and energy of dance, ocean sailing and all that she loves.

Anne K. Scott

Imagination Technologist


Thea Allison

Embodiment Facilitator