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activate the potential of imagination

experience deep satisfaction

…guarantee meaningful success

Live a life you never knew existed 🪷

My life was a struggle to conform and a battle against conformity until I understood my consciousness and how my imagination was creating my reality.

I studied Computer Science, Marketing and Anthropology. I have a 25+ year career delivering innovative technology and established credentials with Blue Chip corporates. I had lots of fun working with ‘seat of the pants start ups’ and I acquired a reputation as someone who gets sh*t done.

I worked hard and played hard. I had adventures in South America, Asia, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand but unconsciously I was repeating a childhood pattern of escaping then conforming.

I searched for a place to rest and belong where I could be me and make my best contribution. Yet, as soon as I found a sense of arrival and sanctuary it became a comfort zone I was compelled to escape.

My educational achievements were fraught with obstacles, my work triumphs ended in redundancy, the pinnacle of my freelance career became a living death, my success as a coach had the potential to be purgatory.

The truth is I thrive in TRANSITION and I revel in CHANGE. I flourish in dynamic, greenfield environments, working on maverick projects and impossible dreams. My superpowers are EXPERIMENTATION and RE-INVENTION.

I know how to use IMAGINATION to turn struggles and obstacles into pathways of INNOVATION and EVOLUTION. My passion is working with others to access their intuitive POSSIBILITIES and OPPORTUNITIES and make them REAL.

LIFE is a rich rewarding JOURNEY of intriguing destinations rather than a striving for arrival and sanctuary.

What You Want Is Important

You are good at what you do. You are a skilled, professional with alot to offer, you are a human being who wants to live a rich, meaningful and satisfying life and you are not quite seeing the way through.

Perhaps you are looking for a change in career, or considering making a transition from employment to being your own boss. Or you may already be in that in between space, wondering if this is time to travel, start a family or create a new paradigm of work and life that honours what is really important to you.

My speciality is working in the unknown, harnessing the multi-dimensional powers of imagination and navigating the most direct path through terrain that is by it’s very nature impenetrable.

To quote Henry Kissenger “If you do not know where you are going every road will take you nowhere”

I am a guide to where they be dragons, a way finder through the mystery.

Working Together

Imagination is the beginning, end and the muddle of creation

1: Innovation Breakthrough

One Time

This is for YOU if you have an immediate imperative to solve a problem or dilemma or get a project off the ground.

This is a one off session designed to explore & transmute your thinking & behaviour around specific & persistent dilemmas in your personal or business life.

OR it can also be used to lay the groundwork for a new project. This session will distill your thinking and give you direction & clarity on your next steps.

OUTCOME: Quick actionable results. You will have clarity on your power in the situation & the action steps to progress.

Ideal for you if you are ready to break free from limitations, gain clarity, and take decisive action now to address challenges in your personal or professional life.

2: Personal Evolution

12 Month Package

This is for YOU if you have a longer term vision for yourself and you are ready to do the work to prioritise creating over fire fighting.

This is 1:1 guidance to establish the vision for your life, to access intuitive wisdom & insights that will drive you to take action & manifest all that you envision into being.

You will learn to direct your imagination to create genius outcomes & tools that you can use to clarify your thinking & access deep wisdom on call.

OUTCOME: A richly rewarding life guided by your inner knowing & creating in line with your true nature & your gifts & talents.

Ideal for you if you are committed to your inner creativity, accessing your intuition, and taking proactive steps aligned with your true nature and talents.

3: Evolutionary Leadership

Quarterly On Retainer

This is for YOU if you are committed to making a difference, ready to lead and leave a positive legacy as well as cultivate a deeply satisfying life

This is 1:1 mentorship to envision, architect & deliver business on your terms, that contributes to a rich & meaningful life & serves the greater good of humanity & the planet.

You will learn to use & apply techniques & practises that weave the best of rational thinking with the deep knowing of intuitive & imaginative wisdom.

This is for YOU if you want to be a leader guided by your deepest knowing, develop character built on integrity & leave a legacy.

OUTCOME: A deeply satisfying life, a reputation as a leader with honest values & a contribution in the world with influence & impact.


1: Establish the strategic focus

2: Identify limiting & sabotaging dynamics at play

3: Activate intuitive insights, potential & actions


1: Create your personal blueprint

2: Define & put in place daily structure & practice

3: Bi monthly tactical reviews & debriefs


1: Create your leadership blueprint

2: Define your leadership manifesto & personal practice

3: As required, leadership reviews, personal & team debriefs

From £3,000 per quarter

How I serve

I have discovered I have a SPIRIT and by nurturing that spirit, it’s brilliance and uniqueness, I cultivate a MAGIC that transforms my world and shines a light for others to find their way.

I know now there is much, much more to us than we are conscious of and the ADVENTURE is to come home to spirit, it’s deepest knowing and most intimate longing.

I am a CATAYLST, coach, champion and more with the tenacity, skill, experience and ability to vividly impart INSIGHT & MOTIVATION to guide you on your journey.

From a career in coding and global technology, to start-up mentoring and intuitive coaching I am now in the business of IMAGINATION TECHNOLOGY and EVOLUTION.

It takes CURIOSITY and willingness to explore beyond the comfort zone of what we already know. It takes balls to step into the unknown and to follow spirit. It brings the REWARDS of a life less ordinary.

I want to orchestrate my next evolution. Do you?

Ahmad Jooma, UK

Each time challenges arose, I felt Anne was expert in her ability to keep me focused on my biggest goals and vision.

Coaching with Anne was an exploration into myself, what makes me tick, and how I best operate.

Anne steadily ebbed me towards a way of being that was aligned with my natural skills and talents. I learned to embrace who I was as an artist and to express my ability for expansive strategy.

Anne has an incredible ability to vividly express the truth behind my goals and challenges, and this unique characteristic is what separates her from other coaches.

Anne’s professionalism and conduct never once wavered, she walks her talk and lives a life she loves. I believe these are important characteristics and I would highly recommend Anne to anyone considering a professional coach.

Alison Pilling, Uk & Greece

Working with Anne and imagination has built my confidence, belief in the process and vision.

Our sessions held gently, with empathy and structural grace, working with Anne since 2020 has helped me connect to my heart and creativity.

It’s been a breathtaking voyage of surprise and delight with a willingness to follow an increasingly stronger internal pull and voice. 

Kirsty Carr, Australia

Anne is not only an incredible coach, but a supportive, intuitive guide that helped me keep my focus and the belief in myself that I could create what I loved.

During my time coaching with Anne, she guided me through leaving a career I hated to successfully working for myself, pursuing my passion to become a comedian and actor, and creating a deeply loving relationship, which culminated in getting married and we are now expecting our first child. The ultimate creation!

Not only am I now living life in alignment with my heart, but the creative structure Anne held me in, led to me win comedy championships, acting awards and be booked at prestigious events as a speaker and creative influencer. I get to travel the world teaching people about the brain, transformation, leadership and creativity.

Anne helped me to rise above my doubts and fears, and courageously choose my heart. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you, Anne 💖

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10 – 14 April 2024 UK/Europe

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