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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
― Arthur C. Clarke

Are you ready for your next evolution?

Imagination is our most advanced technology; it will activate your gifts, talents and greatest contribution.

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Knowing What We Want

With few exceptions most of us are living lives pre-determined by our upbringing, our education, our past experience and the expectation and influence of authority figures.

The Reality

Our desires are derivative; our wantings and longings are mediated by others and distorted by factors beyond our conscious awareness. As a result what we create is not a reflection of what we truly want but rather a reflection of who we think we are and who we think we should be.

The Truth

True meaning, fulfilment and success is only created when we bypass our default programming. This is not a task for the rational mind that draws on a limited understanding of reality, possibility and your potential. It is a job for imagination, a mode of awareness that takes us outside knowing, into the realm of spirit and, to be scientific about it, beyond the optional illusion of consciousness that assumes our separation.

The Lie

We have been taught that imagination is discretionary, that it is only at play if we believe we have an imagination and when we choose to be imaginative. The fact is, as Einstein discovered, “imagination creates everything” and that means it is creating all the time and it creates every reality that you experience.

The Key

To harness the true power of imagination and master it to create check out our online Introductory Workshop.

Working Together

“Imagination is the beginning, end and the muddle of creationAnne K Scott

Spirit-Led Breakthrough

Do you have a tangible dilemma or creative project you want to get off the ground?

This Zoom call will give you visionary clarity on your true vision & support for 7 days to serve you to take action.

Group Coaching

The Cherry 🍒 Shed, or cheri-shed, offers group coaching, connection & collaboration. 

A structure to master the technology of imagination & creating from spirit in the company of others at an affordable price.

Personal Mastery

1:1 guidance to establish your spirit-led blueprint & the technology to make it real in your life.

Includes access to online training, in person events and options to join the The Cherry 🍒 Shed, or cheri-shed, community.

Business Leadership

1:1 mentorship to serve you to build a spirit-led business & team & live a richly imaginative life.

Includes access to online training, in person events and options to join the Evolutionary Impact Collective.

My Philosophy

I Believe

That spirit delivers magic and our spirit can make an evolutionary impact in the world.

There is much, much more to us than we are consciousness of.

The adventure is to come home to spirit, it’s deepest knowing and most intimate longing.

It takes curiosity and willingness to explore beyond the comfort zone of what we already know.

Imagination is the tool that facilitates our fullest expression and guarantees meaningful success.

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As A Lover Of Life – I Get It

I Want It All!

Life by default led me to a career in information technology. I worked on global projects, travelled to exotic locations and even lived on a yacht for awhile but after 20 years it was apparent that I had climbed a ladder that was leaning against the wrong wall.

Life was same old, same old and joy was transient. I wanted more.

After some trial and error I discovered the only way to have more was to step outside the box. For no other reason than I was curious, I applied for and was accepted into a Medical Anthropology Master’s course which opened me up to unexpected ways of seeing and understanding.

An invitation to be a start up mentor led me to explore coaching. Ultimately I discovered an intuitive modality that confirmed to me that crossing the frontiers of my comfort zone is the key to having it all.

Pushing the edges of the known, exploring the outer reaches of infinity is the domain of the gods, this is where imagination thrives and resides.

This terrain of the unknown and the continent of uncertainty is where I have honed my intuition, had deep experience of what it takes to access and decipher imaginal information and learn how to handle the technology to bring it into reality.

My willingness to live with uncertainty and not knowing threatens some of those closest to me; where I see potential and possibility they see danger. It is not for the feint hearted but it is absolutely the place to forge spirit, master tension and discover real meaning.

As a knowledgeable guide I serve my clients to cultivate a relationship with spirit, discover their deepest dreams and establish the structures to bring those dreams into the world.

We work together to nourish ways of being and practices that guarantee spirit-led action and an awe-some, wonder-full life.

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Success Stories

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