Are you ready to design and orchestrate your next evolution?

Imagination is an untapped super-power. In this workshop you will discover, as Einstein so famously said, ‘imagination creates everything

With a little knowledge, some practise and the will to take action we all have the capacity to wield the technology of imagination to create a beautiful world for ourselves and others.

Join this 60-Minute workshop ‘A More Beautiful World: Discover The Creative Potential of your imagination:

In this workshop, you will: 

1. LEARN ABOUT my evolution from a successful but unfulfilled career to an adventurous, meaningful life.

2. DISCOVER how imagination creates your reality and how to harness it to create a reality of your choosing.

3. RECLAIM your agency to choose what you create and therefore the reality you experience.

4. EXPERIENCE a technology that can put you in the driving seat of your life & guarantee that you living your best gifts, talents and contribution.

SIGN UP TODAY and have an experience of accessing the creative and transformational power of your imagination.


About Anne

ANNE K Scott

Your Guide – Imagination Technologist, Innovation Coach, Founder

After 25 years working on leading edge tech projects, managing teams globally & visiting some cool destinations I wanted more.

It took trial & error but I discovered the way out was in. My imagination opened me up to unexpected ways of seeing, understanding & creating.

I have a deep experience of what takes to access imaginal information & master the technology to manifest.

I serve my clients to put in the foundations & structures to ensure their visions are created. 

We work together to create awe-some lives & beautiful worlds.

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