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A colleague of mine once told me that cranes were a sign of economic recovery. I like the image of birds taking flight but she wasn’t talking about birds. Whenever I see cranes now I am reminded of her but it also tells me that somewhere, something that someone imagined is becoming real. Innovation is being delivered.

In 1986 handheld computers were not an everyday sight. In the 1991s we hardly had Personal Computers let alone a scanner and the idea that someone in India could file paperwork that could be authorised electronically was a grandiose dream.

I worked on the leading edge of technical innovation to mainstream handheld technology, scanning and outsourcing. I cut my teeth in the world of technological transformation.

Now I deliver visionary projects with On A Mission… a worldwide collaborative of professionals from diverse backgrounds who are accredited in the creative orientation as taught by William Whitecloud founder of Natural Success.

We are used to being in the unknown, on the edge, unfolding the future towards an imagined vision. We are vision holders, futurists and a pragmatic hands on action takers.

  • Anne was instrumental in keeping the wide group of participating parties focused on the salient issues, and critical path items. As a result of her deft touch with management, staff and other consultants; the project completed as scheduled and was a complete success. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Anne, and would jump at the chance to do so again!

    Brian Coughlan - Know

  • I have worked with Anne on two occasions, first as her supplier and subsequently as a colleague supporting one of her projects. On both occasions, I was impressed by Anne's ability to expertly and calmly organise, co-ordinate and motivate a large and diverse project team, keeping the project on track, and all stakeholders on side. Anne is an excellent project manager who is able to process vast amounts of information and keep track of the minutest detail without losing sight of the bigger picture. In short, she gets things done, and I have enjoyed working with her.

    Nitzan Yaniv - Datorama

  • I worked with Anne on delivering the O2 UK Mobile Advertising Solution for Telefonica Group. I found Anne to be an extremely consciencious Project Manager, very good at tracking all aspects of delivery, escalating when required but also pragmatic in ensuring the ultimate goals of a project are not overtaken by smaller issues/ problems.

    Colin Gray - Telefonica

  • Anne and I worked together on the deployment of a global mobile platform. Anne was the Project Manager looking after the delivery of the project and you could not ask for a more diligent or skilled project manager. Anne has a solid understanding of technology and solution design, as well as an appreciation for the business drivers involved in a large project of this nature. She handles conflict very well and can bring pragmatic, but effective solutions to the table in support of both business and technology teams. i would highly recommend Anne in a project management and business consultancy capacity.

    Chris Kerr - Rex Software

  • I worked closely with Anne while we transitioned away from the AOL systems and Network onto new infrastructure. This was a complex project and made even harder with the required aggressive time-scales. Anne was dedicated to the project and always passionate about her role, she was great at identifying the best customer experience and championing within the project team. Anne was a key member in the successful delivery of the Project and someone I consider a good friend.

    Matt Bird- InLinkUk

  • I worked with Anne on a number of high profile and complex projects. A highly effective project manager who is able to manage to the most senior level, I would not hesitate to recommend Anne.

    Ian Bamber - Bottomline technologies EMEA

  • Anne's thorough project management approach helped the fast paced Transition Programme establish solid grounding. Anne is great at thinking on her feet and has a real proactive approach to solving day to day project issues. It has been a pleasure to work with Anne and can highly recommend her management skills.

    Oliver McComb - SynaMedia