Ahmad Jooma – Artist & Entrepreneur

I coached with Anne from the start of 2020 until late 2023. As you can imagine, 2020 began with a tumultuous start, with the world rocked by a pandemic never before experienced in our lifetime. And yet, this only preceded the troubles I faced and the emotional rocky seas I endured over the last three years. Each time challenges arose, I felt Anne was expert in her ability to keep me focused on my biggest goals and vision.
Coaching with Anne was an exploration into myself, what makes me tick, and how I best operate. Through her twice-monthly sessions, Anne steadily ebbed me towards a way of being that was aligned with my natural skills and talents. I learned to embrace who I was as an artist and to express my ability for expansive strategy.
One particular project I had been stuck on prior to engaging Anne’s services was my work with ‘Shook Man’, a comic book-style character I created that used story form to educate young people and men about their emotions. Through my time with Anne, Shook Man took on a new lease of life and direction. I am now using Shook Man to teach young children in schools about emotional awareness. I had previously often felt overwhelmed or lost in all the possibilities. Through Anne’s coaching, I unlocked the ability to tap into the energy of my bigger vision and to use that to guide my actions and to capitalise on opportunities that moved the project forward.
Anne has an incredible ability to vividly express the truth behind my goals and challenges, and this unique characteristic is what separates her from other coaches. Providing useful insight and motivation that I could not achieve on my own.
Anne’s professionalism and conduct never once wavered, which allowed me to trust her when sharing any intimate challenges or problems that I faced. Furthermore, Anne walks her talk, as can be seen by her numerous projects and adventure-packed lifestyle — Anne lives a life she loves. I believe these are important characteristics and I would highly recommend Anne to anyone considering a professional coach.