Do you have a vision

Imagination is an untapped super-power. In this workshop you will discover, as Einstein so famously said, ‘imagination creates everything

With a little knowledge, some practise and the will to take action we all have the capacity to wield the technology of imagination to create a beautiful world for ourselves and others.

Join this 60-Minute workshop ‘A More Beautiful World: Discover The Creative Potential of your imagination:

In this workshop, you will: 

1. LEARN ABOUT my evolution from a successful but unfulfilled career to an adventurous, meaningful business.

2. DISCOVER how imagination creates your reality and how to harness it to direct your business endeavours.

3. RECLAIM your leadership to choose the outcomes you create and your impact in the world. 

4. EXPERIENCE a technology that will infuse your business with spirit & guarantee that you making your best gifts, talents and contribution.

SIGN UP TODAY to have an experience of leading from spirit in your business and seeing the potential of and transformational power of your imagination.


About Anne

ANNE K Scott

Your Guide – Imagination Technologist, Innovation Coach, Founder

After 25 years working on leading edge tech projects, managing teams globally & visiting some cool destinations I wanted more.

It took trial & error but I discovered the way out was in. My imagination opened me up to unexpected ways of seeing, understanding & creating.

I have a deep experience of what takes to access imaginal information & master the technology to manifest.

I believe business can be a force for good and beauty in the world. I serve my clients to put in foundations & structures to support them to create spirit led businesses.

We work together to create awe-some lives & beautiful worlds.

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