Are you ready to design and orchestrate your next evolution?

Imagination is an untapped super-power. As Einstein so famously said, ‘imagination creates everything‘ so the question to answer is how to use it to create what matters to you. 

In this online course you will discover what matters to you (if you don’t already), how to use your imagination to create it and what to do to neutralise resistance, limiting beliefs and past experience. 

With a little knowledge, some practise and the will to take action we all have the capacity to wield the technology of imagination to create a beautiful world for ourselves and others.

A More beautiful World: Manifest Your Potential

Imagination is the paintbrush of your soul – paint your masterpiece

A 6 week online Coaching Group

In this course, you will: 

1. LEARN about consciousness and how it creates

2. DEVELOP the ability to receive & decipher your Imagination 

3. ESTABLISH a working relationship with yourself as a creative being 

4. LEARN the technology of creating using your imagination 

4. CONSTRUCT a strategic vision of your Beautiful World

5. LAY DOWN a practise for creating your vision


6 x 90 minute online Zoom Teaching sessions


6.30pm GMT, 1.30pm EST, 10.30am PST


Confirmed to suit the group


£795 (min 4x participants)

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About Anne

ANNE K Scott

Your Guide – Imagination Technologist, Innovation Coach, Founder

After 25 years working on leading edge tech projects, managing teams globally & visiting some cool destinations I wanted more.

It took trial & error but I discovered the way out was in. My imagination opened me up to unexpected ways of seeing, understanding & creating.

I have a deep experience of what takes to access imaginal information & master the technology to manifest.

I will serve you to put in the foundations for your true vision to come into being to create an awe-some life and your beautiful world. 

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