The Cauldron

20 – 23 April 2023
Model Farm, Somerset, UK

From busyness to brilliance
A space to undo, unwind, un-know
Space to restore your being & rekindle your spirit


discovering the mystery at your core.

finding your confidence in unknown and unexplored pathways.

re-kindling the brilliance within you

and experiencing deep-hearted connection with yourself and others.

If you’d love to live a bold, unapologetic, fully expressed life, then give yourself three wonderfully spacious days at The Cauldron Retreat with Anne K. Scott, Thea Allison and Paula Jones. 


For over a decade Anne, Thea and Paula have woven their magic together creating individual businesses, sharing their learnings, championing their successes and supporting each others’ growth.

They bring their collective wisdom and experience to serve, witness and hold others to go on their own excursions into the unknown and create what really matters to them. The Cauldron is the result.

Your Cauldron Facilitators

Anne K Scott

Anne’s work as Crossing Frontiers marries the crazy possibilities of imagination with her experience of creative technology and structure to deliver end results that matter. Anne is Natural Success Coach of the Year 2022, Founder of the Evolve Gathering and Evolve 4 Entrepreneurs events and also Co-Founder of Halcyon Days transformational retreats with Thea Allison. Anne, lives a peripatetic life with collaborators and kin around the world.

Paula Jones

Paula’s passion lies in creating space for people to go beyond the rational, thinking mind and create the seemingly impossible. Paula is fascinated by all aspects of human behaviour. Through her Beyond Knowing teaching and coaching programs she works with a diverse range of leaders, coaches and creatives who are willing to take the journey to discover true knowing, both one-on-one and in retreats in beautiful places around the world.

Thea Allison

Thea’s work aligns people’s unique creative abilities with their body’s ability to easily make the changes needed to create a life of deep, personal satisfaction. She works with clients in diverse leadership roles to excel and live well; thriving both professionally and personally. Thea is the founder of Embodied Creating & Co-Founder of Halcyon Days transformational retreats. She is a Natural Success coach and Embodied Facilitator.

At this Retreat you will discover:

  • Whatever you think you know, can be unknown and a greater gift be revealed. 
  • Whatever the path you’re on, it can be re-directed towards richer rewards and a better life.
  • Whatever the limitations you think exist, they can be exposed as false and new realities emerge.
  • Whatever the life you’d love, the new directions you long for, the experiences you desire, they can be created.

As the Cauldron we:

  • Hold space for you to slow down, pause and luxuriate in present moment awareness.
  • Curate a space of comfort, warmth and nourishment.
  • Foster connection, kinship and friendship.
  • Create an environment for growth, learning and evolution.
  • Serve you to expand your consciousness, deepen your inner wisdom and become a wise leader.

The Cauldron Retreat is for you if:

You are questioning our ambiguous and unpredictable world and seeking answers & solutions.

You find yourself facing uncertainty and change at work or in your business and you want to believe in the power of the human spirit.

You are wresting with more personal questions about the meaning of life or your career and are looking for guidance for more opportunities, greater leadership, or a more purposeful calling.

Or simply if it resonates for you to experience the power of space expertly held for personal growth and collective evolution

Travel Planning

To aid your travel planning, registration will be at 5pm on the start day. We will complete by 3pm on the last day. 

Booking Conditions

  • Your payment ensures your place is secured.
  • If we have to cancel the event, we will provide you a full refund without question.
  • In exceptional circumstances if you need to cancel your booking we will refund your payment minus the non refundable £250 deposit.

£995 includes facilitation,
twin-share accommodation & food 

*subscription options available


We will be spending our time together at Model Farm, a character 17th Century farmhouse in rural Somerset, a walkers’ paradise bordering the Quantock Hills, which inspired Coleridge & Wordsworth to write some of the greatest poems ever written.


To find out more or book your place get in touch: