The Money Shaman: Day 7

Money – the elephant in the living room. What good is finding your mojo or following your heart if the money stuff is not sorted out?! At the beginning of 2013 I made a choice to master money. I wasnt sure where that choice would take me but by planting that seed in my subconscious mind I became aware of the underlying assumptions about money that were perpetuating my poverty mind set. Now I dont have the answers but I have started to go exploring. I have found a free 7 day online course from Davide De Angelis, The Money Shaman and want to share the daily challenges that I am receiving.

I am not suggesting or recommending this course but I want to invite you to see what blocks and questions are coming up for you and then what learnings, lessons and guidance might come your way.
DAY SEVEN: The Money Shaman FREE, money challenge ecourse
Although this blog is a day by day report on my experiences of the course it took me almost a week to get to look at the final download of the ecourse. An interesting observation in itself. So close to getting the final piece of the money puzzle I had to acknowledge the fears in my unconscious mind; that this was my last chance to understand money, if I didnt get it this time there would be no hope for me, or perhaps this is an elaborate marketing ruse to get me to spend money to learn more or worse still there is no answer – no solution to my cack-handed ability to handle and manage money. On the other hand there was the consideration that I would get the answer and then I would have to get off my tush, pull up my socks get into action. Time to take a deep breathe!

The big message today is that I cant solve my financial problems by focusing on money. At first glance this looks like a paradox, a contradiction but as I have shared before I am learning to say ‘what if’ when I come across statements that I dont understand and noticing that willingness to be open exposes me to the gold. So if I cant solve my financial problems by focusing on the money what can I do? The advise is to apply creativity to the solution. Now, as the material points out, the fear and stress of financial issues are not conducive states for creative thinking. As a coach I have tools that allow me shift the power in situations of acute stress from that stress to a place of creativity but not everyone has easy access to these tools so I think the advise that is on offer here is far more powerful than it may at first seem. The invitation is to connect with others to see others as your resevoir of creativity and practical acumen. A discerning factor here is around who you ask; not everyone is best placed to serve you. Consider someone who you respect who has negotiated difficult circumstances or apparently created something out of nothing. Personally I believe it is invaluable to take a few minutes to centre yourself and invite your heart to inform you who could be an advisor. You may be surprised who comes to mind. Secondly I invite you to consider your state; to acknowledge your fears about being vulnerable or the panic of desparation; you are a powerful magnificient being who does not need to be fixed. You are inviting creative ideas and solutions you are not asking to be saved. Choose to receive all the ideas that come your way however ridiculous or mundane you may find them. Something fantastical may occur to you immediately but if it doesnt be aware of what goes on for you, acknowledging the thoughts and feelings that are coming up, allow them to settle and then take some time to check in with your heart to see what gold has risen to the surface.

There is a simplicity in the advise in this last message but my experience is that the foundation of the past six days allows me to receive the paradox of the message that I cannot create my money problems by focusing my attention there – that where I put my focus will create my reality. And from there I get to ask the question where would I love to put my focus? It is no surprise that there is an invitation at this point to sign up to a 7 week course. Sure we could consider that as a strategic marketing ploy but the truth is that this past 7 days is purely foundational. The ability to be able to switch the focus from the need to survive financially to what we love to create is not a one stop job, it requires commitment to mastery. This is the focus of my own coaching practise for myself and my clients so I know I can use my own tool box with the foundational principles of this eCourse to deepen my relationship with the energy of money and for that I am grateful to Davide, The Money Shaman. It doesnt ring true for me to sign up to the Money Innovation course but it may do for you. Regardless if you are reading this and you have a charge around money I invite you to follow the golden threads of learning that come your way; there is no right way, no one size fits all solution, we are each very unique beings with individual journies in this world.

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