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Thank you Uganda

IMAG5879-001A little over a month ago I returned from my observational project with The Great Generation (TGG) in Uganda.  A trip that allowed me to give freely of my skills and talents because of your financial support.  This blog is my update and an open letter of gratitude to those who contributed financially and emotionally to my journey to Uganda.

24% of the population in Uganda lives on less than $2 per day. They lack skills, business know-how and the market knowledge to build and sustain success and achieve significant results. What they do have is motivation and a desire for change in their lives. I was exposed to people living in basic conditions with limited access to clean water and sanitation, I got to meet ordinary people with passion and determination who have created services and infrastructure to support their communities.  Personally I had the privilege of participating in a number of entrepreneurship sessions in Kampala, supporting the creation and delivery of a five day residential teaching forum in a rural district in Uganda as well as experiencing this stunning country.IMAG6569TGG creates experiential learning programmes to bring expensive and hard to access business expertise to communities with limited resources, to  challenge and transcend norms and assumptions and to stimulate fresh thinking for future creativity.  Your donation was key to ensuring that I was able go to Uganda to experience the work of TGG. The outcome is that I am now the first entrepreneurial associate eligible to support transformational leadership projects intended to enhance entrepreneurial capacity building in Uganda and in turn foster creative thinking and innovation for established multi-nationals and corporate executives.

The first week of my trip was spent working directly with a number of local partners in Kampala; many of these partners emerged from the HIV/AIDS crisis as health care centres and clinics. Although close to quarter of the population is impacted by HIV/AIDS, and in many places whole generations are decimated, the availability of retrovirals has completely changed the quality of life for patients and the new challenge is to empower people to proactively live rather than wait to die.Until recently of TGG partners were funded by charitable donations but the global recession and the introduction of the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 has seriously undermined cash flow.  This challenge has been turned into an opportunity as TGG and their partners are now choosing to focus on sustainability, the social enterprise model, capacity building and entrepreneurship.  Among other things the sessions we ran in August were used:
* to evaluate the appropriateness of a multi-national proposal for a new product pilot
* to design a new process to provide continuity of support for TGG partners
* to host a charismatic presentation from Charles Ocici, the head of Enterprise Uganda – a weaver of sound bits and inspiriational stories
IMAG5934What I observed is a huge enthusiasm for the concept of entrepreneurship in the face of a charity based legacy.   This is true not just for the partners and their beneficiaries but also TGG volunteers and the corporate organisations we spoke to.  TGG has over 8 years of experience in Uganda and many fantastic relationships.  One of the most exciting things I witnessed was the impact of putting the Ugandan head of a Teacher’s Training College in touch with Dr Hilda Mary Tadria, tge formidable Ugandan founder of a MEMPROW, a female empowerment programme.  In the space of 45 minutes these two woman, through a TGG faciliated introduction, agreed to incorporate a coaching programme for girls into the teacher’s education curriculum.
I got to see how an on the ground project nurtures leadership during the second two weeks of my trip to Uganda as I stepped in to support 12 volunteer UK teachers who travelled to Buikwe (on the shores of Lake Victoria between Kampala & Jinga) to create a 5 day residential forum for 150 local teachers.  This is a particularly deprived area where teachers, schools and pupls have been underperforming.
IMAG5953The 1st Buikwe Teachers’ Forum was created in 5 days. We worked directly with the Department of Education and were featured on National TV and in the Ugandan newspapers.  I was able to use coaching and training skills to focus on the synergy of our team and to keep us on track to set of powerful end results.  My love of structure came in handy to design a survey to collect data on the opportunities for entrepreneurship in schools so they can become self supporting and therefore inspire students to be self supporting.  We had overwhelming support for the survey and receive alot of data still to be analysed. A common goal across all the schools is to provide a meal a day for the children, there was good evidence of agricultural experimentation but no overarching support or understanding of the cycle of business.  The data we collected was handed over to the ASDHI, the Ugandan partner who initiated the education forum, to decide where they to focus attention moving forwards.   The forum was a huge success for everyone involved but there is a line to be walked between hand out and hand up.  There are plans to run a yearly forum and the intention of TGG will be to move towards an event that is sustainable locally and is an integration of Ugandan and external expertise empowering teachers and schools to realise their potential.
IMAG6563I was challenged by the working environment and the ambitious goals for the three week trip but I was transformed by the passion and heart of TGG volunteers, touched by the generosity and spirit of the Ugandan people and brought to tears by the acapella farewell on our last day. One of my loves is photographic reportage and I attach a link to an album I created of the trip
The work to do on the ground is overwhelming but I am reminded of Mother Theresa who said we cannot do great things on this earth but only small things with great love. The donations I received allowed me to pour my love into this one small project.

With love and gratitude.

What is intuitive coaching?

“A warrior chooses a path with heart, any path with heart, and follows it; and then he rejoices and laughs. He knows because he sees that his life will be over altogether too soon. He sees that nothing is more important than anything else” ~ Carlos Castaneda

I am Anne. I guarantee inspiration and momentum for the curious through teaching and sharing the technology of superconsciousness and imagination.IMG_2814

“What is the work you do about?  What can I expect from an intuitive coaching session?”  Two great questions and an opportunity to share what intuitive coaching is about.

Often I am asked if what I do is life coaching.  The short answer is yes but, and it is a big BUT, intuitive coaching is life coaching not as you might know it.  The work I do is a creative modality using imagination and intuition which are tools that serve the agenda of the heart rather than the mind.   I use techniques that allow you to step beyond your limiting beliefs, assumptions and definitions to get a full 360 degree picture of what it is you truly want to create.  Even if you only choose one session the orientation will be creative.  When you choose a longer programme of work I share and teach you to use the techniques for yourself through coaching and training workshops. You don’t need to do any preparation for a session, you don’t even have to know what you love beforehand.  All I ask is that you be open and curious.

It takes courage to do what you love and to maintain focus and commitment to following through. Doing what you love maybe obvious but the distractions of life’s busyness get in the way, or perhaps you don’t know what it is you love or understand how to go about creating it or how you could possibly be fulfilled doing it. The work I do is about guiding you to create that which is truly congruent for you.  It is action oriented, it is about moving you forwards on your path. Whatever your challenge with the path of the heart I can be your guide. I have dedicated the past 8 yrs to staying on the path of my heart, despite the mist, the fog, the obstacles and the sneaky side paths.

What you can expect in a session:

Values:  The values of confidentiality and service are key to the work I do.  The intention will be to serve you, in confidence, to get to a place where you experience what is true for you and you have the clarity and certainty to take the course of action to make this real.

End Result:  Clarity on the path that is true for you with relationship to the challenge or question that you arrive with and a clear course of action to take to actualise what is true for you.

Format:  The majority of my sessions are online over Skype/Facetime.  The average session is 60 to 75 minutes.  You are advised to allow a little time to absorb the session afterwards so a 2 hour window in your diary is ideal to give you the time and space you might need.

Structure:  All sessions are clearly structured.  The specifics will be dependent on whether the session is a one off session or part of a coaching programme but an initial session will have two parts.  The first part is based around a simple set of questions that you will be asked to answer automatically – whatever comes in to your head is ok in this space.  The second part of the session is about tapping into the space of imagination and intuition using a little meditation and the conversation of story telling.  This is an open and free format but my gift is to navigate the way to the end result we have established for you.

What do I need to do before a session?  There is nothing that you need to do or bring to a session but I invite you to be curious and open to learn.

What can I expect after a session?  People have different experiences after the sessions; you may feel energised or quiet but without exception everyone feels like they have connected with who they truly are.  This can be freeing or mind blowing but regardless it is awesome – have a look at Success Stories if you want to see more.

How much do sessions cost?  As part of a coaching programme sessions are typically £100 each.  One off sessions cost £175 + depending on your requirement.  Bursary options may be available depending on funds.

I offer a FREE 15 minute Technology Of Imagination consultation when you are ready to follow your heart path. Fill in your details below.  Options include:

  • Dynamiting session to explore a specific challenge
  • FindYourMojo sessions to dive into your core talents and way of being (expanding on the FindYourMojo app on the Apple Store)
  • Vision Questing to establish your core goals and guide you to creating them (tailored to meet your needs)


100 Days Of Awe: Day Sixty Six – Land Of Plenty

Day 66: Land Of PlentyIMAG4737The Land Of Plenty is a shamanic visioning technique that takes you to a place where everything you desire already exists.  It is a foundational premise of the coaching work I do.  It takes us beyond what we don’t want and the conditions that we believe need to be in place before we can truly enjoy and receiving the pleasures of the life we would truly love.  It is the place where the highest vibration and purest expression of our hearts exists. It is the place I go to to set and calibrate my personal goals at least twice a year and it is the place I guide my clients to to reveal the choices that we will work on together during our coaching relationship.

“use Law against Laws; the higher against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph.”

The Kybalion

The choices revealed in the Land Of Plenty are personal talismans to wield the law of the higher over the lower.  They take us above the trials and tribulations of everyday life to give us a standard of measure against which to make decisions and take action.  Today was Land Of Plenty day on Creative Warrior.  After two days of desconstruction and putrefaction we are all so ready to be fully immersed this alternative dimension.  Personally the work that we have done has prepared me for an experience that was more tangible, real and specific than anything I have received before.  Not my usual colourful romp in a land of Pandora-esque dimensions and Alice In Wonderland colours reminiscent of the photograph but rather  a solid reality with the comforts and conveniences of a material world created through the assiduous application of creative mastery and the pure joy of wielding my true nature and purpose in service to myself and others.  The bar is set for the next six months.

100 Days of Awe is a playful project I set up to bring my attention to awe in my daily life. I see awe as wonder, a mixture of amazement and respect.  I expect the experience of awe to be about perception shifting awareness and that demands a reframing of some sort.  I am excited to see what will awe me on this journey.

Anne K. Scott is an imagination technologist, her work to teach, facilitate and deliver innovation for individuals and business.  She is the creator of FindYourMojo a FREE iPHone productivity app.  If you are interested in what intuitive coaching can do for you please do contact me.  I support clients all over the world.

100 Days Of Awe: Day Forty Nine – Graduating Magicians

Day 49: Graduating Magicians

IMAG4448-001The Malificent Billboard, Westfield Shepherd’s Bush

Rory Patton, author of SpringingTiger the Autism Awareness blog, has said ‘magic is a technology we don’t understand yet’.  While it may be true that there isnt tried and proven scientific axiom to explain magic this hasnt stopped Darren Eden of the Academy Of Greatness providing apprenticeship programmes for magicians since 2009, the year I first graduated.  May the 10th was ear marked in my diary as graduation day and as a past graduate I am privileged to be invited to attend the graduation finale in Surrey.

I always love magician gatherings; we operate from a common set of premises, we share a commitment to be conscious, responsible creators and we are eager to master the layering of love, truth and service together to cook up joyful, fun connections and gatherings.  Magic may not be something that I can explain but it is certainly something that I expect to experience now that I am a practising magician.

It was no surprise that my journey started by being swept up into the giant sized portal of The Malificent at Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush, not a little dark and unnerving, but fortunately safely charioted by National Rail to my destination at the grand and turreted Victorian edifice of the Grand Hall of Horsley Towers.  Supper followed by close to twenty individual and unique performances was just the precursor to a very powerful sojourn down the rabbit hole. Bed & breakfast at The Magic Hub (a private residence) was followed by a Sunday afternoon of conscious creation with master magicians but more about that in my next blog!

If you are interested in learning how to make your life more magical Darren Eden is running a free two day Your Call To Greatness event in London on 31st May & 1 June.  It is full of tips and experiential exercises that gives you a taster of the full Transformation Training of 8 weekends over 8 months without any obligation to purchase.  I wont be able to make this work but do give Darren and all the other graduate magicians my love!

100 Days of Awe is a playful project I set up to bring my attention to awe in my daily life. I see awe as wonder, a mixture of amazement and respect.  I expect the experience of awe to be about perception shifting awareness and that demands a reframing of some sort.  I am excited to see what will awe me on this journey.

Anne K. Scott is an imagination technologist, her work to teach, facilitate and deliver innovation for individuals and business.  She is the creator of FindYourMojo iPHone app. If you are interested in what intuitive coaching can do for you please do contact me.  I support clients all over the world.

100 Days Of Awe: Day Twenty Two – Living Life In Colour

Day 22: Living Life In Colour


Day Two of Alchemy 4 Success with William Whitecloud at Commonworks organic farm, Bore Place, Edenbridge in Kent. We are in a slice of heaven, blue washed skies, sunshine and surrounded by the joyous, rambling growth of Spring that nourishes and energises us in between deep explorations of the world of alchemy. Today we discovered we have personalities but we are not our personalities and by taking an intuitive look at the Enneagram, an ancient model of personality typing, we got to see inside the machine, to wonder at the intricacies of our egoic creations and to experience the impact of it in our exercises. Shocking, painful, awe inspiring and freeing all at the same time. Our assimilation, Pleasantville, an exquisite and underappreciated study of life lived from the black and white orientation and limitations of our egoic need to fix and know life, contrasted with a life lived in colour when we can each embrace the part of ourselves that we deny so we can transcend our personalities and be in the glorious mystery of it all.

100 Days of Awe is a playful project I set up to bring my attention to awe in my daily life. I see awe as wonder, a mixture of amazement and respect.  I expect the experience of awe to be about perception shifting awareness and that demands a reframing of some sort.  I am excited to see what will awe me on this journey.

Anne K. Scott is an imagination technologist, her work to teach, facilitate and deliver innovation for individuals and business.  She is the creator of FindYourMojo a FREE iPHone productivity app. If you are interested in what intuitive coaching can do for you please do contact me.  I support clients all over the world.

Stop Press: A Genius Guarantee For You

Stop Press: A Genius Guarantee For You

“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” ~ Richard Buckminster Fuller

william_webMy apologies I should have posted this sooner.  You may have plans already for this weekend and you may not be in London but if you are inclined to invest in yourself at all please read on.  I asked myself at 3am this morning why I didnt think to write a blog post about William’s Whitecloud’s Meet Your Genius weekend sooner, after all I am on the event team.  I can tell you I have learned my lesson.

You may not have heard of William Whitecloud but he is the author of the best selling book The Magician’s Way and a presenter and teacher of the premises of Natural Success.  Another personal development model I hear you say well not so fast.  I came across William’s work about 5 years ago and spent a number of year’s studying with a protege of his learning that The Magician’s Way is not just an entertaining story but it contains real practical tools for powerful creating and changing our realities.   I have moved into a life where my love to work, travel and write are becoming beautifully intertwined.  A big change from intense periods of long hours and hard living in the world of ‘business transformation’ interspered with flaccid, aimless wanderings as an increasingly aged back packer, in the penduleum swing of money but time and time but no money.   In the past 12 months that William has been coming to the UK.  I have studied with him and his wife, Christian, is my coach.  You may ask is my learning not over?  And I am pleased to report no it is not!  This is like peeling away the layers of the onion.  Each time I attend a workshop I get a new level of learning and that is manifest as a higher level of mastery and creativity in my life with tangible end results.

I woke up on fire with enthusiasm at 3am because I met William yesterday.  He is in the UK to run a two day workshop in London this weekend and a more advanced training later on next week.  He continues to create magic in his own life and is currently writing the screen play for his book The Magician’s Way.  Despite being jet lagged he was alive with the excitement of this next level of creation in his life; up for being a beginner in the area of screen writing because it will transforms a great book into a multi-dimensional story that will has the power to show everyone how to wield magic in their lives.  I had a visceral experience of how William embodies the work he teaches, how he walks the talk.  And that is what compelled me to create this ‘johnny-come-lately’ blog.

So there is still time to buy tickets to Meet YOUR Genius –  regular tickets are £97, a VIP package which includes 2 tickests is £147 – so £73.50 each plus the Kindle version of both of William’s  books.  I want to throw something else into the mix.  If you are reading this and you have not heard about William you only have my recommendation to go on and you may not know me either!  So I am offering anyone who signs up from this post a FREE 1 hour coaching session with me over Skype at a time that is convenient to you.  If you dont register on the link but turn up tomorrow morning at 8.30am to register please introduce yourself to me, as I am on the team for the event, and we can take it from there.

After 30 years in the world of Information Technology I like to think I have evolved into being an an Imagination Technologist using the tools of intuition to live my life and support others discover their intuitive genius to enrich their realities and blending the past with the present to create tools like my app toolbox SatNav4TheSoul.

For more information on the work that I do check out Working Together.  If you cant come along to the weekend but you are curious please drop me a line.


Growing into a Mountain

“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth I will apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.” ~ Og Mandino 1923-1996, Author

IMAG2431View from Stoos, Schwyz, Switzerland

Reecently I was asked to make a promise, a commitment, to 3 of the most important people in my life about the vision of the life I would love to create, the why that drives me and the key goal I am actioning to to make that real. The idea is to create accountability.

Over the past few years I have come on a journey which has pushed me to drop away from needing the support and opinions of other people – and in fact have just unravalled yet another thread of that and I am sure there are more – to get to a place where I am first and foremost accountable to me and my heart.

In the space after I was asked to make that promise I observed the arousal of a bevy of voices. The first argued for the safety of keeping my visions under wraps until goals are successfully achieved before announcing them with fanfare. An option that also allows for goals that falter to be swept neatly under the carpet of failed achievements, keeping life nice and orderly.

Then there was the voice that honed in on the definition of ‘important people’ now who might they be? I don’t have a partner or children, all of my family live in another country and friends well yes I do have some of those but how would I work out who the most important three would be? Obviously this is a dead end street that takes me way off track, a muddy road with spinning wheels.

And then there is the voice that cuts through that smoke screen but posits why would I bother anyone on a busy weekday morning to wax lyrically about some vague vision, a grandiose why and a goal that I have been struggling consciously to achieve for over 5 years?

There are the friends who love me, who would tolerate this and would murmur silky words of encouragement. There are the friends who would humour me but chuckle at my quirkiness and want to get a date in the diary for the next hooley, my Mother who thinks I am wonderful as long as I am happy and eating, my ever pragmatic sister-in-law who just might use the f-word and there are members of my long puzzling family whose response would range from stoic silence to enraged pronouncements of my ever growing list of failures.

My choices to go for succour and sustenance or hell fire and brimstone. In that space the voice of caution and safety in the house carpeted over the underlay of dead dreams is winning out. My head space is choca block with playing out potential, possible and certain scenarios while my vision, my goal and my action plan go on the back burner. Yes I have been down both roads before and neither appeal so rather than stand stuck at this crossroads my choice is a middle way.  I am blogging my deepest internal machinations; my fear of rejection, the incontrovertible evidence of my past that demonstrates my incapability, my lack of will, backbone, consistency, energy, my ever sparky heart that clings to the fantasy because I know from experience that my thoughts and feelings are not a true reflection of reality.  I fervently believe that the most important person to be accountable to is ME and I know that I am fessing up to that more and more but I also choose to be seen out in the world so despite the voices I hereby share with you the vision for my life, my big why and what I am focusing on to make that happen.

My vision is to be fully alive IN life; to create a beautiful home base with space in nature, to actualise an intimate relationship with a partner and my family. To work on projects that serve me and others to be fully alive IN life, to do what brings me joy; travelling, writing, sharing my experiences, peeling away the layers of the onion of life for myself and with others. To create a solid tangible sense of who I am in the world, product perhaps like my apps, or books or both! To take responsibility for whatever I create and to engage my will to take wise action to keep me on track to my TRUE end results. To continually step into the void to find out more about the REAL me, to know that journey is never ending, it is all about fine tuning.

My why is to play full out; to wring out every bit of my talent and essence without worrying about what the crowd has to say, without concern about being logical or rational, without fearing the consequences.

The goal I commit to is to increase my wealth by claiming and activating my talents. It calls me to own what gives me joy and to trust that joy is all I need.

This post was inspired by Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef’s 30 Day Money Makeover Challenge which I love because of the internal dialogue that it brings up and this is where I am getting my learnings and my insights.

Eat Pray Love Author’s advice for women

Being creative, acting creative, believing I am creative is right where I am at the moment so it was a delight when this blog was gracefully frisbe-ed into my consciousness by a friend. How clever messages can be getting weadling their way to us.

Travelling Abroad: Money Smarts

Overseas_wallet2Over the past two years travel has become a more integral part of my life and slowly but surely I am getting smarter about it.  There is a top ten tips blog bubbling about in my consciousness but in the meantime while that percolates and comes to fruition I am inspired to share this informative blog from the very sensible Martin Lewis – A Peek Inside My Overseas Wallet.

To receive unbiased money savings tips from Martin sign up to his Money Savings Expert newsletter – he is my go-to money man.

Photograph: Courtesy of

The Power Is In You

Last Sunday the 9th February 2014 I was in Los Angeles completing the third day of William Whitecloud’s inaugural Million $ Book Club Congress. William is the best selling author of The Magician’s Way and The Last Shaman. William’s books are engaging stories wrapped around fundamental truths and premises that have the power to change lives. William by his own admission felt ill prepared to be a writer but he had a calling to share his wisdom. He did not write his books by following formulae or 10 step programmes but rather he used his intuition and imagination to connect with his genius and manifest high level creative function; creating unique stories that made connections that hadn’t been made before. And who wouldnt want some of that.

William’s weekend is not so much a course as a journey, one which 23 brave souls were up for. The consolation was company but the rewards proved to be individual, unique and beyond expectation. The bar was set high right from the start, William asserts that to operate at High Level Creative Function we have to understand consciousness and that starts with knowing ourselves. I was brought up close and personal with my deluded relationship with writing which swings between pointless futility and the arrogance of platitudes from some self-important sense of purpose. A place devoid of joy, frustrating as fuck and makes writing feel like extracting blood from a stone. The tension I experience is painful but revealing the truth of my egoic agenda takes the power out of it and truth, to quote William is the ‘fuel of a powerful creator’.

William unwraps his intuitive tools, shares how to use them and guides us to purposefully use our imaginations to see the potential of our genius offering; I experience expansiveness, gentleness, simplicity and vulnerability. A place where writing is a joyful unfolding, a mystery to be followed, a way of being infinitely curious. I am free to see who I truly can be as a writer and now ready to experience tension as the engine room of my genius and creativity. We learn that tension is the writer’s friend and it is our ability to master tension that determines the quality of the end results that we create.

On day three with the tension resolution system in place we are all poised to dive into the specifics of what we would love to write be it a book, a play, a movie script or poetry. All options are possible. The framework that William uses for writing; Theme, Premise, Qualities and Emotion is arrived intuitively and it ensures ample space for genius to emerge as an unadulterated offering from our Muse. I saw the book I want to write; simpler, more beautiful, compelling and revelationary. No longer is it The Quest rather it is A Journey, no longer is it about certainty and knowledge, it is about awareness and vulnerability about the revelation of a deeply imaginative sexuality – in the words of my Muse.

Returning from America, a week has passed, in the spaces between the jetlag I spy the divil of resistance. Under the covers of catching up and reconnecting I see the pariah of distraction. My personal saboteurs lurking at the wings but I know about them now, I see them, I can choose not to give them the power but to be professional to turn up as a writer regardless of the conditions and circumstances and choose to meet my Muse and write from my genius. It is a choice.

Follow the links to find out more about William Whitecloud and the Million $ Book Club

Photograph: On the Camino 2012 courtesy of Tobias Schade