Easy Magic

IMAG2774From Inverness to Luton flown back to reality by Airbus. Like sardines we wait with bated breathe in the Easybus in Luton airport. Our driver in what look like a WWII fur lined flying cap, morphs in to our cabin crew and pauses for our attention. Put on your seat belts he orders, “I THINK we are going to Baker Street” he announces to our nervous giggles. There is a feeling of magic about, if our driver is not sure of our destination what could be possible! Tea with The Queen, Saturday afternoon footie at Upton Park, crumpets on The Strand or a matinee performance in Covent Garden? The seed of doubt he plants lingers in my imagination and I am transported across the frosty fields to the land of Mary Poppins and Peter Pan. Tripping to Baker Street has never been more exciting and it reminds me that the magic is always up there if I care to look.  It is only when I choose not to see it that it isnt there.

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