“It’s alive!!”—My new tip for making beautiful things happen

I love Pam Grouts book E-Squared – if you want to be a master of invisible forces go get it.  She shares a simple tip in this blog to get things to happen.  On the surface it looks like the Law Of Attraction and how many of us have got that shit (excuse my French) to work?!  I can tell you the reason why it works for Pam is that she believes what she writes before she writes it, she is open to create the impossible, and to be Abraham Hicks about it she is a vibrational match  to what she is asking for, she is also very clear on her higher purpose to share what she has discovered so that we can all too benefit from the power of the force.

I have tried this kind of asking before and for a long time dismissed the idea that it was possible but more recently I am getting glimpses into the mastery that is required to step into this kind of asking.

The first thing I now ask myself is what I am seeking my highest truth or is it about feeling good, being in the in crowd, being important or significant or is it really something that serves my unique essence.  It can be challenging to tell the difference.  As an intuitive coach I am fortunate to have the skill and the tools to dive deeper into my choices to check their validity but you can start to do this just be listening to what you are asking for and being truthful about your motivation.  There is a difference between the ring of truth and the ring of bullshit and the more you check in the easier the distinction becomes.

The second trick is to get into the emotion of having what you are asking for.  To quote a master I know this IS the secret weapon.  This is where I am a little more challenged as a very rational and perhaps an under emotional being but you know I have fun with this.  I go to sleep what would it feel like to have already created a powerful set of soul based coaching apps or to see my book published.  Little by little I am feeling it and when I feel it I am informed of the next step to take to actualise it.

Ao here is to Pam Grout “It’s alive!!”—My new tip for making beautiful things happen.

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