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Unicorn in Inverness

Faith is a deeply mystical word, associated with religion and divinity.   The dictionary definition of faith is a strong or unshakeable belief in something, especially without proof or evidence. I am respectfully in awe of those who stand stoic and strong in the face of life’s turbulence anchored by something unseeable beyond reason.  I have pondered faith for myself and as a lapsed Irish Catholic have a niggling sense that perhaps I have mislaid my token to pass through the gates of Heaven.  I am a doubter and a questioner, I like to grapple with concepts and ideas, turn them over and upside down, try them on for size.  I love the metaphor of the Bible, the hero’s journey of Jesus, the symbolism for my life but the one size Catholic hat doesnt work for me.  I like to bring my own style to bear.

I was triggered today to rethink my position on faith when I read the commentary of  Judge Thomas J. Troward on Romans 14:23 in his gem of a treatise on The Spirit Of Opulence. “Whatsoever is not of faith is sin” – he expands on faith as “not in accordance with our honest belief” and I have long been curious about the words “sin” and “evil” being Aramaic archery terms; sin meaning off the mark and evil being where that off target arrow falls [1].

Now my understanding of a belief is as a thought that through repeated thinking has worn a groove in the sub conscious mind over time.  The creation of beliefs is innately human, formed from childhood, they become deeply buried driving us to live unconscious lives playing out patterns to prove and further anchor our beliefs.

So if we all already believe then we already have faith! Perhaps the question becomes one of what we believe in versus what we want or believe we should believe in.  If the archer does not receive and act on the feedback from his sin to adjust his aim he will continue to be off the mark amplifying the tension of that sin and the angst of doubt.  If we do not see the truth of what we honestly believe in they there will always be dissonance between what we want to have in our lives and what we actually create in our lives.  So the journey seems to me not to be the one of finding faith outside ourselves, working out how others get their faith or why they believe in what they do but about seeing the faith we already have that is flawlessly creating the reality we experience.  When we uncover these beliefs then we can see how they serve us and where they dont we can consciously choose to take the power out of them and reframe our faith to hit the target of what we truly love and create the impossible, the magical.

Anne K. Scott uses intuitive coaching tools & the technology of imagination as an integral part of her work to reveal underlying beliefs that get in the way of the faith we seek to create the lives we would love.

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