Fast Friendships

DSC02254Heart designed by New Zealand artist Michelle Hartley-Scott

Sometime last year I heard about The Listserve which is a simple email lottery where one person a day wins the chance to write to a growing list of subscribers.  Currently there are almost 25,000 members so that is one helluva big audience.  I am less interested in winning and more interested in the individual stories that land in my inbox everyday; they can be short, quirky, rambling, informative, funny, clever, personal, poignant, sad, happy, kooky, wise, helpful always unique and yet strangely always the same.  It is obvious that at some level we are all connected and yet we have an individual heart that wants to share and express it’s essence.  On occasion I am compelled to respond and it is always wonderful to received a delighted message from the sender realising that yes there is an audience out there.  I have also joined in collaborations to share images, write a paragraph of a book and participate in a portrait project.  There are many entries worthy of sharing but more recently Roberto Buenasur’s contribution about the under appreciated power and intimacy of Fast Friendships touched a soft spot.

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