100 Days Of Awe: Day Ninety Four – Now You See Me

Day 94: Now You See MeIMAG5236It was a day of glimpses; magical sightings that I wasn’t able to catch on my camera.  First up this morning in the tree outside my window a large tawney mottled bird with a kerchef of red.  I immediately thought woodpecker though I have no idea how I would know that.  It wasn’t like this bird did any pecking.  Looking it up on the internet the closest I got was a Flicker which is indeed a member of the woodpecker family although a native of North America, rather than Britain.  Perhaps I was muddled and I saw a Greater Spotted Woodpecker or a Green Woodpecker but the red markings and the tawney mottled markings seemed different from the Greater Spotted and more distinctive than the Green Woodpecker.  My second glimpse was also a bird, a seagull.  They are regular visitors on the scrubs belieing our closeness to the sea in this city but it did seem out of place tagging me on my bicycle down Golborne Road at eyeball height.  A powerful glide and a steep curved decceleration to land perfectly in front of Golborne Fisheries and cast a beady eye about for a bit of pelagic delight.  And finally my ghost cat; chubby and a shimmering white in my gloaming stroll, she played up to my photo shoot while rubbing and rollicking for attention.

100 Days of Awe is a playful project I set up to bring my attention to awe in my daily life. I see awe as wonder, a mixture of amazement and respect.  I expect the experience of awe to be about perception shifting awareness and that demands a reframing of some sort.  I am excited to see what will awe me on this journey.

Anne K. Scott is an imagination technologist, her work to teach, facilitate and deliver innovation for individuals and business.  She is the creator of FindYourMojo a FREE iPHone productivity app. If you are interested in what intuitive coaching can do for you or your business please do contact me.  I support clients all over the world.

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