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Soul Immersions are designed for ALL of you – there will be time and space to tune into your body and your imagination, to stimulate your creativity and yet to wind and relax. You can expect to return home rested and with clarity about is important to you and to know what to do to stay focused and take action on what matters.

The theme of each immersion is ‘Your One Thing’ – an exploration of what really matters to you right now – is it your relationship, the family you want to create, the book you want to write or the business you want to launch, do you need to recover from burn-out and restore your body & soul?

Imagine rocking in a hammock, connecting to the heavens and feeling the aliveness of spirit running through you – all the while swaying easily in that hammock.

Corfu 2019

Arrive Wednesday 26th June – depart Monday 1st July 2019 (6 days/5 nights)
Arrive Sunday 4th August – depart Saturday 10th August 2019 (7 days/6 nights)
Arrive Sunday 11th August – depart Saturday 17th August 2019 (7days/6 nights)
Arrive Monday 21st October – depart Sunday 27th October 2019 (7 days/6 nights)

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CO:LLAB are pop-up live/work spaces for people to hang out and vibe together, less structured and for longer periods of time than our Soul Immersions the ultimate vision is a global network of permanent purpose built Creative Hubs in beautiful ocean destinations all over the world.  Minimum of 1 week stay. We have been researching destinations in Australia, New Zealand, Sicily and Portugal in 2018.


Contact us if you are interested in participating in a Soul Immersion Retreat or CO:LLAB creative collaborations:

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I am passionate about the power of imagination. It is bundled into our DNA and is the key to activating your potential.

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