Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements” ~ Napoleon Hill

The SatNav4TheSoul coaching toolbox is designed to put imagination technology in your hands. It is a set of six self coaching apps.  Apps that can guide you to find and activate your soul’s purpose.

FindYourMojo available on the app store.  It is designed to guide you to the essence of your heart.  This is the tool that brought me to my mojo – Crossing Frontiers

ShiftThePower guides you step by step through any problem or conflict to reveal your heart’s agenda and take steps to resolve it.  This is a tool for everyday use.

*AskYourHeart a deep dive to give you insights on the detail of soul goals or any questions you may have.

*PlantYourCrop to establish a framework for the life of your heart and what you truly want to create, the end result is a set of soul goals.

*GrowYourSeeds is designed to make your soul goals real by careful nurturing action step by action step.

*ReapYourHarvest is a tool that allows you to receive the learning on your journey of creation and to plant the seeds for your next cycle of growth.

* working titles, may change as the finer details of design & development are worked through

Disclaimer: The SatNav4TheSoul toolbox apps are not a substitute for professional guidance or coaching. The apps are based on powerful coaching processes and practises designed to support you to calibrate your life with your heart but we make no claims and carry no responsibility for any actions you make take as a result of using the apps.

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