If one does not know to which port one is sailing too, no wind is favourable ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca
A.M.B. , Life Coach, California, USA
“Anne certainly has a gift: she was able in a very short amount of time to help me articulate my vision, understand the limitations of my current situation and get me to engage immediately into specific and actionable steps. Shortly after I worked with her and started practicing a new way of being that was required to embody my vision, I got the results I had been expecting. I highly recommend her. She is an engaging and effective coach.”

Ian McIntyre, Creative Awareness Teacher, Guide, Coach, Australia
“Anne is a genius strategist. She has a wonderful gift of insight that she applies to her work In a very direct and clear way. I highly recommend Anne as a business strategist and will use her expertise again without hesitation.”

David Walker, Core Truth Coach & Facilitator, Sydney, Australia
“The magic ingredient is Anne’s ability to see possibility and have a yes, let’s move towards it attitude. She exudes a sense of clarity and direction.”

Sheila Gibbons, Wholeistic Wellbeing, Findhorn, Scotland
” I had a session with Anne and gained an interesting insight into an issue of long standing which keeps holding me back. I feel with this insight I now have new tools to address it when it appears again, or perhaps it will be an ‘if’ should I have shifted my mindset through this work – only time will tell me that. Anne also generously offered her organisational skills and became fully involved in the community; I experienced her generosity, helpfulness, humour, practical and organised approach first hand and welcome being in a community alongside her again.”

Arthur Magoulianiti, High Performance Coach, Limassol, Cyprus
“I have recently had the good fortune of working with Anne at a time where I was grappling with the way forward with my business. Anne expertly and intuitively guided me through a process which resulted in me gaining an amazing insight into exactly what was troubling me and how to move forward. I can’t recommend Anne and her work highly enough. Thank you Anne!”

Nial O Reilly, Ignite Executive & Business Coaching, Galway, Ireland
“I used Anne as a coach to facilitate my thinking and to progress an issue that had been causing me considerable upset and challenge. She deftly applied her process and helped me clarify my desired outcomes in a way that I can not rationally explain! After a session in her capable hands I was clear about the way forward and how I needed to be to achieve a good result. I am happy to recommend Anne as a highly competent professional in her area of expertise.”

Wendy Price, Mulberry Aromatics, Manchester, UK
“What an eye opener! As I am setting up a new business within a niche market, I engaged Anne for a business coaching session and would now recommend the same investment for anybody else. The coaching session has given me clarity on my message and has therefore sharpened and simplified my focus. I now have a simple, powerful and succinct catch phrase, which I engage when I am writing my marketing and website information or indeed with any communication and I have no doubt this has had a very positive impact on my business and clients.”

Govind Basnet, CEO, e-Mission Management Ltd., Dublin, Ireland
“Anne is an wonderful coach, caring and takes time to understand one’s mindset. She has a way of talking positively to help shift ones focus to achieve greatness by taping into our consciousness. She helps and explores a way to help one create focus in our inner thoughts to create vision and achieve reality.”

Stuart Arnott, Founder of “Mindings” | Co-Producer & Presenter “The Disruptive Social Care Podcast” | MD “Spark” Multimedia Production, London UK
“At a time when I was unsure what the company was going to be, Anne helped provide clarity of vision, and most importantly validation. By helping me focus on what my core skills, strengths and personality traits are, Anne helped me decide on a path to follow, re-enforced by the self-belief that what I was doing was not only right – but it what I was *meant* to be doing. I cannot over-emphasise how important that has been. It did not stop there, though. I am now developing a spin-off business idea, and Anne was responsible for an amazing moment of clarity in which I realised my concept was not an expensive-to-develop physical product, but a relatively inexpensive and bootstrappable service. Anne did not suggest the idea, though, she drew it out of me, and takes no credit. This to me is the sign of a great mentor. Anne has a wealth of experience that she’s happy to share”