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YES to Inverness

IMAG3011I stayed in Forres to visit the Findhorn Community which has three centres in the area. Inverness is only a 35 minute train ride away and I had two opporunities to visit.  Juliette, a friend is house sitting in Beauly on the river 15 minutes further west.  A great excuse to be tourists for the day. We started Leakeys second handbook shop, overspilling in a vaulted church with the heart of a gigantic wood burning stove and coffee and cakes in the eaves. Over the Ness river on the Greig Street footbridge and on to some quiet contemplation in the oddly spireless St Andrew’s cathedral. Kicking golden leaves along the bank of the rushing Ness, climbing arches of wrought iron bridges over its burbling, gurgling waters to wander on the delightful Ness Islands replete with cleverly shaped logs and a painted monster in the fallen trees.  Sedate residential houses line the river walk back to the city and muffle the transition from river gurgle to traffic cacophony and the purple seated train ride back to Forres.

My second visit is drawn by my curiosity about the YES Group, an international community inspired by the teachings of Tony Robbins. Despite best intentions over many years I had yet to make it to a meeting in London. Recently I noted that Diane & Andrew Nicholson had launched a satellite group in the Highlands. A Facebook message to Andy and a call out to the YES community assured me of transport to the event and sitting beside a neighbour in Forres meant a lift back to the door. I love the practicality and verve of by Ann Wilson, the Wealth Chef http://thewealthchef.com/ who made her subject engaging, entertaining, interesting and understandable. The Inverness YES group is in its 7 month, about to have its first Christmas celebration and adds a little fizz & vis once a month to the Craigmonie Hotel. Check it out if you are in the area.