The Money Shaman: Day 2

Money – the elephant in the living room. What good is finding your mojo or following your heart if the money stuff is not sorted out?! At the beginning of 2013 I made a choice to master money. I wasnt sure where that choice would take me but by planting that seed in my subconscious mind I became aware of the underlying assumptions about money that were perpetuating my poverty mind set. Now I dont have the answers but I have started to go exploring. I have found a free 7 day online course from Davide De Angelis, The Money Shaman and want to share the daily challenges that I am receiving.

I am not suggesting or recommending this course but I want to invite you to see what blocks and questions are coming up for you and then what learnings, lessons and guidance might come your way.
DAY TWO: The Money Shaman FREE, money challenge ecourse.

Today I am told if I am having problems with money it’s almost a given that I will be experiencing high levels of anxiety and in this space my brain’s natural response mechanism to danger is constantly being triggered. This may make sense if I am being chased by a wild animal but does it make sense when my credit card bill is having the same effect as being chased by a tiger? In my case having ducked my obligations for the time being it is more a case of lying in the ditch breathing through a straw and waiting for the tiger to pass. In the best case it is a bit of a long wait with a bit of foot rot, in the worst case I am eaten by piranahs. In neither case am I creating much of any consequence. So on to the challenge.

The invitation today is to become more flexible – to see my situation as not being fixed. The end result to become an expert at changing rules and moving the goal posts. Now my first thought is one of brain freeze as I become aware of just how fixed I think my money and in fact most of the situations in my life are fixed. I know my focus creates reality so as I play that one out there is no hope of change. When my focus are that things are fixed then they will stay fixed! My second thought is HOW do I become more flexible? I dont know! Yikes. A good job that I know about choosing. Choosing is a very powerful action – just think about choosing tea over coffee; you choose what you want, you take action and viola a cuppa cha. So what I have decided to do is to CHOOSE in all my dealings with money today to see the rules and goal posts and choose to play with them. What if there were different rules and goal posts. It may not sound like much but it is a start. I invite you to do the same – practise CHOOSING.

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