The Money Shaman: Day 3

Money – the elephant in the living room. What good is finding your mojo or following your heart if the money stuff is not sorted out?! At the beginning of 2013 I made a choice to master money. I wasnt sure where that choice would take me but by planting that seed in my subconscious mind I became aware of the underlying assumptions about money that were perpetuating my poverty mind set. Now I dont have the answers but I have started to go exploring. I have found a free 7 day online course from Davide De Angelis, The Money Shaman and want to share the daily challenges that I am receiving.

I am not suggesting or recommending this course but I want to invite you to see what blocks and questions are coming up for you and then what learnings, lessons and guidance might come your way.
DAY THREE: The Money Shaman FREE, money challenge ecourse.

There are good days and bad days; days when money is flush and days when it is scarce. Todays challeng is to see every moment as a choice to embrace life, to move towards love. Love and money is an interesting combination. When I am short of money or dealing with a money issue love isnt the first thing that comes to mind but I am willing to take on this challenge and today is a perfect day for it. I have been successfully practising not spending or at least consciously spending since the beginning of the year. I now have many days when I dont spend. Those days make me feel great but like Pavlovs dog I now associate spending with pain. Today I had two opportunities to check in with this challenge.

Firstly I get a call to meet someone I have been avoiding. A long term friend who for various reasons I have got out of sync with. You know how it is. It would have been so easy to say no I havent got money to go to lunch but instead I said yes. What I discovered was a very courageous friend who was willing to own how badly she had handled things the past few mths. This opened up a space of honest discussion about what our friendship is about, the choice to see the past as over and to have a relationship that is about supporting each other to be true to ourselves. Now that is richness.

The second opportunity was a gift for my Mum on a special birthday. I knew what I wanted to buy but I didnt think I could spare the money as I am ekking out my income. The truth is I do have the money TODAY. If I spend it may mean that I dont have the money next week and that is what scares me and creates pain. Now that I have that gift I know how much she will enjoy it and that is pleasure indeed.

What I discovered was that making a choice in the light of love didnt necessarily reduce the pain but it felt like the higher choice; the pain is irrelevant. The joy of creating more love leaves me far more buoyant & expansive. And I am willing to see where that leads to. What about you – how can you implement this challenge?

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