The Money Shaman: Day 5

Money – the elephant in the living room. What good is finding your mojo or following your heart if the money stuff is not sorted out?! At the beginning of 2013 I made a choice to master money. I wasnt sure where that choice would take me but by planting that seed in my subconscious mind I became aware of the underlying assumptions about money that were perpetuating my poverty mind set. Now I dont have the answers but I have started to go exploring. I have found a free 7 day online course from Davide De Angelis, The Money Shaman and want to share the daily challenges that I am receiving.

I am not suggesting or recommending this course but I want to invite you to see what blocks and questions are coming up for you and then what learnings, lessons and guidance might come your way.
DAY FIVE: The Money Shaman FREE, money challenge ecourse.

So there I was going deeper, feeling what abundance is and playing with possibility all off the back of the challenge for day four and somehow I lost track of the time. Truth be told I was juggling some logistics so didnt have the time to sit, read and absorb day five but I was also just a little bowled over by being treated to lunch unexpectedly by a friend and winning in a competition I didnt even realise I had entered. The prize a £250 ticket to a weekend workshop I had been planning to attend. Neither of these things have made me financially rich but they have certainly enriched my life. A very nice way to step into the lesson for day five which invites me first to check in with myself and see how working in a more connected way is opening things up for me. Well I can say check to that! I am curious to know if others have that experience – or just myself and Davide ‘The Money Shaman’ De Angelis?

And now I am invited to move towards the part of me that knows what to do and see that treating money as a partner in my journey through life is in line with this inner wisdom. Well I am immediately triggered to be told there is a part of me that knows what to do. I am not sure about that at all but I will hang with the tension and move to the next consideration – that of a partnership with money. Partnerships require investment, investment of time and energy so it is no surprise that the challenge is to make the committment to invest; However it is not about investing in money, it is an invitation to invest in pleasure; being fully present to life and directing my attention to feeling and experiencing pleasure. I become aware that I consider pleasure of any kind a luxury and a light goes on as I see my assumption that luxury and money are inextricably linked. Um a little lie has been revealed. The beauty of that revelaton is I am drawn to the pleasure of a long soak in the bath, my supper of home made burgers and roast veg, watering the garden in the evening gloaming and curling up on the sofa in the wonderful home I am caretaking this week to watch a movie that I have been meaning to watch for ages with a glass of wine. I dont have to spend a penny to receive any of that!

So here is to investing in life – again and again and again!

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