The Money Shaman: Day 4

Money – the elephant in the living room. What good is finding your mojo or following your heart if the money stuff is not sorted out?! At the beginning of 2013 I made a choice to master money. I wasnt sure where that choice would take me but by planting that seed in my subconscious mind I became aware of the underlying assumptions about money that were perpetuating my poverty mind set. Now I dont have the answers but I have started to go exploring. I have found a free 7 day online course from Davide De Angelis, The Money Shaman and want to share the daily challenges that I am receiving.

I am not suggesting or recommending this course but I want to invite you to see what blocks and questions are coming up for you and then what learnings, lessons and guidance might come your way.
DAY FOUR: The Money Shaman FREE, money challenge ecourse.

No matter how hard we work to fix or improve our ability to make or hold on to money if we dont understand the engrained thoughts that informing our subconscious mind our results will be short lived. From a very young age we make up beliefs about ourselves and our relationship with the world and those around us. These beliefs will have the power until we shed light on them. And we all know what happens to demons when they are brought into the iight!

Todays invitation is to go deeper – to go beyond the surface and see what assumptions are sabotaging you. My suggestion is to get a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle. Title on side LIES and the other TRUTHS. On the side of lies write all the statements you believe about money and your relationship to it – e.g. money comes through hard work, money is complicated, it is easier to be poor than to be rich, I am not good with money – what ever you can think of. See how these statements make you feel – for the most part I think you will feel constricted, depressed, fearful. The next step is to play a game – look at each lie and in the TRUTHS column write what you would like the truth to be e.g. I am a money magnet, I love having money, I love living abundantly. Now you may not think they are true but imagine if they were – how would you feel – light, happy, expansive?

The Money Shaman tells us that when we can truly feel what this abundance is – the lightness and possibility of it as it moves through us it will healing. Having played with this I know what he means and I for one am having a the experience of a very abundant day today in a beautiful sunny London even though my purse is light.

So my invitation is to go deeper and to play with possibility!

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