Ask: Acknowledge, Sense, Know

Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
I have been more curious in recent times of the wisdom in the Bible, curious to engage with it and to test it out. Ask and it will be given to you is not only a Biblical refrain it is also a tenant of the Law of Attraction. Now I have been doing my fair share of asking in recent times and I have been furiously burnishing up my heart to receive and the red carpet has been rolled out. I know what it is like to receive gifts that I love, expected or unexpected. I am giddy with excitement but like a child in a hurry for Christmas I cant stand the anxiety of waiting. Unlike a child I have taken to cogitating and it struck me today that I am not sure what it means to ASK.

So I looked up the definition and origin of the word. I think we are all familar with the definition of ask as a request, there is an expectancy to it and it is dependant somehow on an external force to complete that request. Of much more interest to me is that ASK originates from the old English word āscian. After some digging around I discover that āscian means ‘without shadow’. I wasnt expecting that. What does it mean to do something without shadow? Metaphorically I recognise my shadow as that part of me that I dont acknowledge, my dark side, my ego that assumes that I am separate from everyone else, that I am not connected to the ALL, I am not part of divine consciousness. So to do something without shadow is to do it from my heart, from that part of myself that is connected to all things through time and space. I find that part of me when I drop beyond my thoughts and my feelings into my intuitive wisdom. So if what we receive is what our hearts are asking for then it is possible that we are receiving all the time but not recognising it because it doesnt match what that shadow part of ourselves is reaching out for.

I have been struggling financially – I know that although I can and do enjoy the material trappings of wealth the truth is I would really love to master money; to wield it to serve my heart and my hearts purpose whatever that may be. When I look at my reality that is exactly what I have been receiving. As a consequence I am drawn to redefining the word ASK. A little acronym to remind me is Acknowledge, Sense, Know. Acknowledge my shadow, Sense what is in my heart, Know that I am receiving it.

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