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Disagreeing with Confucius

Confucius turns up as the purveyor of wise and witty quotes from the profound to the absurd. Who doesnt aspire to to doing a job they love so that they will never have to work a day in your life? I cannot be the only one who has experienced that no matter where I go there I am or to be heartened and know the truth that the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

The first thing to know is that Confucius was a real guy, a Chinese teacher, editor, politician and philospher who was born around 551 and lived until his early 70s dying in 479 BC. Like all the best of heroes his life was not plain sailing; he attained political recognition as Prime Minister of the State of Lu in his 50s. Under his influence the Prince and the State of Lu became increasingly properous and powerful. Ultimately this had a corrupting impact. Confucius stepped down his position in Lu and spent the rest of years touting his politics in the hope that he could put them to good us. This was not to be and he died dillusioned.

Confucius sayings are short and to the point; often laced with metaphor and using a play on words it is perhaps no surprise that this structure has been appropriated irreverently to capture witicisms that have nothing to do with personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity that were fundamental to Confucian philosophy. So we know that man who drops watch in whiskey wastes time is more about the foibles of English than a guideline for living and no offense to Confucius is intended. Life is simple when I can nod sagely with the deeply meaningful and laugh at the irreverent trueisms. Recently things have become a little more interesting. I have come across a Confucian saying that I cannot agree with or laugh at. The conclusion, to my consternation, is that I am in disagreement with this Chinese philospher of great standing.

Confucius says apparently that “he who cannot describe a problem will never find the solution to that problem.” In my experience much time is spent describing problems, wailing and bemoaning problems, dissecting and mulling over problems but not necessarily solving problems. The problems of world hunger, poverty, war are problems well described but despite the trojan efforts of the best of humanity we continue to struggle with them. The currency of human survival is the struggle to surmount and overcome problems. In support of Confucius it could be argued that the ability to effectively describe problems is underdeveloped but here I prefer to pull on the more recent observation of Einstein that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” The trick I believe is to subvert the consciousness of separation that is fundamental to the human perception of life and switch to a consciousness that is based on a unity that transcents the dimensions of time and space. Description is inherently a tool of the rational mind constrained by an egoic perception of the world. Imagination on the other hand is the paintbrush of the soul that can take us to the highest vibration of what we would love to create giving us a 360 degree view of what we rationally define as problem.  I was curious to read that Confucius was relatively unconcerned with the nature of the soul believing that the answer to  cultural and social problems was found in humanity itself, not in anything supernatural [1].  I wonder at the limitations that this puts on Confucian thinking.  I dont want to argue that Confucious is wrong and Einstein is right but rather to remind myself, to remind all of us to go for the premises that serve the greatest possibilities, to examine and question the received wisdom embedded in our thinking and in our culture.  It is only then that we live our lives at the highest vibration; skimming the hurdles to cross the finish line as the champion of our own truth.

[1] Leadership University, Pat Zukeran

Releasing My Heart


Just Passed Zennor is a John Piper painting I purchased when I was in Cornwall a few years ago on a wild elemental November weekend.  I have decided recently to part with it; my lifestyle has changed and it has languished in storage for the past 12 months or so.  And it feels wrong to keep this passion of colour locked away.  I realised that the painting is the window for my heart to access my creativity and to satisfy my yearning to live in wild places.  As I am no longer keeping my creativity in a box and I am choosing to explore and live wherever my heart sings I am free to let it go.  It will be auctioned at The Penzance Auction House (David Lay) in the next few weeks to release funds to invest in stepping into my life!

The Art Of Be-Keeping


It is a busy week
I like that it is a busy week
I get to dive into the minutae of my projects
To walk along the cracks between the disjointed pieces of life’s puzzle
To teeter on the edge of fast appearing crevices
Heart stretched across the yawning divide of chaotic icy waters
Head butting against stubborn realities
Learning to gently herd unruly beasts
Through the bucolic landscape of my soul
Calibrating to the whispering caress of divine breathe
And mastering the art of be-keeping

Ask: Acknowledge, Sense, Know

Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
I have been more curious in recent times of the wisdom in the Bible, curious to engage with it and to test it out. Ask and it will be given to you is not only a Biblical refrain it is also a tenant of the Law of Attraction. Now I have been doing my fair share of asking in recent times and I have been furiously burnishing up my heart to receive and the red carpet has been rolled out. I know what it is like to receive gifts that I love, expected or unexpected. I am giddy with excitement but like a child in a hurry for Christmas I cant stand the anxiety of waiting. Unlike a child I have taken to cogitating and it struck me today that I am not sure what it means to ASK.

So I looked up the definition and origin of the word. I think we are all familar with the definition of ask as a request, there is an expectancy to it and it is dependant somehow on an external force to complete that request. Of much more interest to me is that ASK originates from the old English word āscian. After some digging around I discover that āscian means ‘without shadow’. I wasnt expecting that. What does it mean to do something without shadow? Metaphorically I recognise my shadow as that part of me that I dont acknowledge, my dark side, my ego that assumes that I am separate from everyone else, that I am not connected to the ALL, I am not part of divine consciousness. So to do something without shadow is to do it from my heart, from that part of myself that is connected to all things through time and space. I find that part of me when I drop beyond my thoughts and my feelings into my intuitive wisdom. So if what we receive is what our hearts are asking for then it is possible that we are receiving all the time but not recognising it because it doesnt match what that shadow part of ourselves is reaching out for.

I have been struggling financially – I know that although I can and do enjoy the material trappings of wealth the truth is I would really love to master money; to wield it to serve my heart and my hearts purpose whatever that may be. When I look at my reality that is exactly what I have been receiving. As a consequence I am drawn to redefining the word ASK. A little acronym to remind me is Acknowledge, Sense, Know. Acknowledge my shadow, Sense what is in my heart, Know that I am receiving it.

Eavesdropping On The Universe

I listened to Deepak Chopras video on this article attachment this morning and I was captivated by his idea that when you listen to your body you eavesdrop on the Universe. The simplicity of this has unlocked a whole new learning for me.

I know that when I connect imaginatively with my heart I can dive beneath the clamour of my thoughts and feelings and will always find intuitive gold that guides me from where I am to where I truly want to go but somehow I have never seen my body as part and parcel of that communication system. I am not a meditator by nature, I live immersed in all the acton in my head. Deepak’s words compel to check out how the receiving technology that is my body is working. So I stop and I become aware of my body. The image of a silo comes to mind and I am struck by how that coincides with my own body image, plodding, leaden, solid, a bit overweight and clumsy. Not how I want to imagine myself as a light weight, cutting edge, sleek shining satellite dish receiving the wealth of Universal wisdom. I am compelled to dissolve the protective shield of my silo and see my vibrational frequency reaching out to connect with the vibrational frequency of the Universe. The lightness of that is visceral.

What new learnings can you find today?

Hello world!

I am Anne K. Scott an explorer and story teller.  Pushing myself to the edge of my experience challenges and energises me as a guide and pathfinder.

I worked for over 30 yrs as an innovation and technology professional; creative, practical, tenacious and curious I could hide behind the leading edge of technology for only so long. Knowing there is more to life and I have chosen to step into my heart and unleash the Indiana Jones within.

I love the journeys I go on and I love to lead others to their adventures using the cutting edge intuitive tools I have tested and honed along the way.

Weaving my love of  imagination and technology together I have created the FindYourMojo coaching app designed to guide you to the essence of your heart.  This is the tool that brought me to Crossing Frontiers!